Potatoes roasted with garlic

Yesterday was one of my sister-in-laws’ 10th birthday and for the birthday meal, I was asked to make what has been dubbed “Jessica’s Potatoes”…pretty descriptive, eh?!  And as I was making them, I thought that this would be a good introductory recipe for this blog…a simple, but typical crash course in cooking with Jessica.  The two main components of cooking with Jessica are the lack of a real “recipe”…and lots of garlic (though that can be modified for desserts).  And this “recipe” has both…  Enjoy!

Jessica’s Potatoes (or, Potatoes Roasted with Garlic)

Chop potatoes into bite-size pieces (I usually use russets or Trader Joe’s golden potatoes) and fill a 9×13.  Cut the bottoms off and peel four heads of garlic (really!  It’s not too much…it mellows out wonderfully).  Toss with the potatoes.  Drizzle entire mixture with a good amount of olive oil.  Salt liberally.  Toss well.   Bake at 400F for an hour and a half to two hours (until potatoes are tender), tossing and mixing occasionally.


6 thoughts on “Potatoes roasted with garlic

  1. Do you use regular cloves of garlic or the elephant heads? I’m a garlic lover too (in most dishes!)
    I’ll have to try your potatoes soon.

  2. Samantha – I use the regular cloves of garlic, but four HEADS of that. The elephant heads would probably work too, but you might need to chop them into smaller pieces so that they’re not bigger than the potatoes.

  3. Mmmmm, sounds yummy! I look forward to trying it. Someone in our church just blessed us with a dozen or so heads of garlic and I’m looking for ways to use them. Thanks for the “recipe”. 🙂

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