I love rain.

At my old blog, I even had a special tag for those posts devoted to rain and storms.  For some reason, rain and a wet outside would always put me in a musing, writerly mood and today was no different though I had no time to be writerly until this evening.  On Saturday we had our first rain in months and it has continued until today and according to my weather-watching husband, it will continue through Wednesday.  And I’m savouring every moment!

Now having a husband in carpentry and construction, my view on rain has changed somewhat from my carefree single days when several rainy days in a row was a glorious thought.  It still is a glorious thought, but I now realise how much of a bother it can be to someone who has to be outside and preferably dry for much of his working day.  So I sympathize and try not to look too excited at the mention of gray clouds.  And when it does turn wet outside, I bake bread and make soup and have the kettle ready.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this first rain storm of the season is that now it really feels like autumn.  Summer lasts a long time here in California and I’ve been ready for it to cool off for awhile.  We woke up this morning to wet, cool air coming in the open windows and the beautiful sight of mist lacing its way through the trees.  I dressed myself in long sleeves and long skirt, and Cedar in long sleeves and fleece trousers and we both had socks on…pretty cold weather clothes for us!  While he had his morning nap, I enjoyed a lovely cup of P.G. Tips…I’m so excited that tea weather is back (I don’t do iced tea…tea is supposed to be hot)!  And then I treated myself to some homemade dark chocolate cocoa while I made French bread for our broccoli cheddar soup supper tonight.  And now I’m finishing up the day with my husband while we sit in front of one of the first fires of the season…we’ll have some apple pie when he’s done with his work stuff.  I love my life.


3 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I’m not quite sure how I discovered your blog – probably by blog-hopping – but I just wanted to leave you a comment today telling you how much I’ve enjoyed your blog lately. 🙂 Your posts are whimsical and real and always make me smile.

    PS – I love the rain, too, but like you, have a guy who works in carpentry and construction so the last few days have been pretty wet for him, too! 🙂

  2. I agree that the rain has made it feel so much more like fall. We’re getting quite the wind storm here, and that is something I am not so fond of. But since the rain and fall weather officially began, I decided I could have chai tea again! *smile* and perhaps start on a quilt….mmm, make that baby quilt (for someone we both know). *grin*

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