A healthy balance

Lately I’ve been thinking about food.  That, in and of itself, is a common occurence, especially now that I’m past the phase of pregnancy in which even the thought of eating is discouraging and can bring about a good deal of nausea.  But this time I’m thinking specifically about our choices regarding food and how we should manage them.

When I was in my early and mid teens, I was a total health food freak.  I considered becoming a vegetarian, but ended up not when I found out how complicated it would be to get all the protein my super-high metabolism would need.  I avoided all refined flours and sweeteners and would obsess about it if I ended up eating something that contained them.  I could go on, but in short, it was pretty ridiculous.  I’m not saying that doing those things were wrong, but the way I went about them was.  I let my desire to eat healthily control my life and it ended up negatively affecting my relationships with people.

In my late teens, through various circumstances, the Lord set me free of that bondage…and bondage it certainly was.  I still desired to eat healthily and would make choices along those lines, but I no longer obsessed about it and I wasn’t controlled by it.  Quite simply, I was finally learning to not worry about what I would eat (Matthew 6:25).

When I got married and had my own home and my own kitchen, so again came the temptation to once again become obsessed with healthy eating.  In the previous years, I had been living with other families or eating out of a college cafeteria and therefore my choices regarding what I ate had been limited.  But now, as the mistress of my own home, I finally was the one making the decisions about what we could eat.  Obviously Aaron had a say as well, but I was the one who did the cooking and the grocery shopping.  And it’s been amazing to see how the Lord has used my husband as a protection in regard to this particular weakness of mine. Aaron loves good, healthy food, but he isn’t as “into” it as I am and as such, becomes a balance for me.  For example, I could easily obsess over the fact that I need to be sprouting our grains or grinding our own flour or never eating refined grains.  But my husband doesn’t really want us to deal with a flour mill right now and he likes some bread made with white flour and doesn’t like brown rice.   So, due to his decisions on those issues and wanting to make sure that I’m cooking things that he likes, I don’t even really need to think about those issues right now, since they’re basically out of my control.

So through giving me a practical husband who knows how to balance my tendencies, and through just teaching me to continue to not worry about what I eat and accept all food with thanksgiving (1 Timothy 4:4), it’s been amazing to see how my good Father has turned a situation that had potential for disaster (being able to fully make my own food decisions) into something wonderful.  It’s been such a dream come true to have my own home and kitchen and finally run a household the way that I’ve always wanted to…and through it all the Lord is teaching me to have a balance in the different aspects of how I care for my family.

To add my fuel to my recent food thoughts, today I read an excellent two-part series by Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking (one of my favourite blogs). The series is entitled “Balancing Nutrition and Priorities” and you can read Part One here and Part Two here.  I was considering quoting some of it here, but it’s all so good that I’ll just say you need to go and read them!


5 thoughts on “A healthy balance

  1. Growing up, I’d been taught how to eat healthily and we rarely ate “junk” food. However, when I started taking my natural health course through GCNM in 2003/2004, I started to obsess. I learned so much in a short amount of time about “bad” food. I wanted to change our diet immediately- no more white flour or white anything! More vegetarian meals… which don’t go over so well. I was always experimenting with mixed results =P
    In the end, I realized that it was more important to cook things my family liked/enjoyed that were still relatively healthful.
    Going overboard wasn’t the answer =D
    Every once in a while, I do tweak recipes and try to cut out the extra sugar etc.. Sometimes it works and everyone is happy. 🙂

  2. Heh. Husbands add nice balances, don’t they? 😉 Adrian is my balance too. He always wants to know *why* such-and-such a food item is not healthy, and he wants *gasp* well-designed studies to show it, not some health food nut sharing her opinion-as-fact. Ah, they’re good for us, eh?

    1. LOL! Good for Adrian! Sounds a little bit like Aaron…I’m thankful for his balance when he helps me to see that if we eat such-and-such food occasionally, it really won’t kill us. 😛

  3. enjoyed finding your blog through YLCF. Your birth story was beautiful, in that, though it didn’t quite go as planned you still stayed focused on the Lord.

    Finding the balance in the real food realm is tricky. I like to remember what my naturopath used to tell me – if you’re stressing about what you’re supposed to be eating, it’s just as bad for your body as eating a candy bar. Learning to deal with stress has been a big part of my health journey, as much as what foods to eat! I pray you continued grace as you find the balance in your family.

    1. Hello, Trina…thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the birth story – you’re right, it didn’t go how we planned, but we were so thankful to see the Lord’s hand on us the whole time.

      Thank you for sharing that wisdom from your naturopath…that’s good advice! And thank you so much for your prayers…I very much appreciate them!

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