Even during teething…

13. Late night snuggles with my little boy.

14. The scent of his head, soft and silky beneath my lips.

15. Being able to comfort my baby when he’s in pain.

16.Β  The knowledge that teething really will not last forever.

17. A warm husband and our cozy down duvet to help banish my skin-chill after I crawl back into bed in the wee sma’s.

18. A slow morning with my husband who has been gone most of the weekend.

19. New friends who, after an afternoon and evening of fellowship and food, seem like old friends.

20. Garlic.

21. The smell of a fresh house – after mopping the floors with diluted orange essential oil, leaving the windows open wide to the sunny breeze.

22. The surprise of a new shirt, picked out by my lovely husband who definitely knows my taste in clothes.

23. Rain.

24. Putting my little yellow kitchen “to bed” – rinsing the sprouts, feeding the sourdough starter, wiping down the counters one last time.

25. The first time winning an online giveaway!

26. Lavender soap.

27. Pumpkin spice candles warming the house with their scent.

28. Honey-sweetened pregnancy tea.

29. Little dimpled hands turning pages as Cedar sits and looks at books.

30. Meeting my husband’s request for pecan pie.

31. Cedar’s (and Mommy’s) favourite blankets…softened through much love and washing, smelling of baby and clove oil (used for teething).

32. Clean diaper laundry.

33. Joining other young mamas as we talk of babies, birth and breastfeeding.


6 thoughts on “Even during teething…

  1. I love your lists! They make me smile! πŸ™‚
    Mmm, pecan pie sounds soooo good right now.

    Congrats on winning the herb dvd giveaway!

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