Another Monday’s list…

(As fun as they are, I’ve said before that I don’t want my blog to just turn into a bunch of lists…but it’s crazy how the weeks fly by!   This week will hopefully be quieter than the last several so I’m hoping to finish a couple of the posts I have sitting in my drafts…but we’ll see what happens…)

146. Homemade chicken tortilla soup.

147. A sunlit hike over lake-side hills.

148. Going out to pizza with my parents.

149. Seeing Cedar interact with his grandparents so well.

150. A non-nursing-compatible dress turned into a new skirt.

151. Turning ten gallons of our summer garden tomatoes into ready-to-eat cans of meaty spaghetti sauce.

152. Little boy clothes buy-one-get-one-free at the local used children’s clothing store.

153. Finding a lovely maternity sweater and a pair of denim maternity capris at aforementioned store.

154. Little girl baby clothes (and no, this is not a hint about the gender of our coming little one…we’re waiting to be surprised…I just have a stash of little girl clothes in case we need them).

155. Being able to communicate more and more with Cedar.

156. Half gallon wide mouth jars.

157. Sourdough cinnamon rolls…so yummy!

158. Jars of raw honey.

159. Clean floors.

160. A re-arranged library.

161. Homemade clam chowder and sourdough biscuits.

162. Sauteed brussel sprouts.

163. Reading my husband’s excellent blog posts.

164. Snow falling in sunshine.

165. Canned wild salmon with leftover curry sauce.

166. Protein.

167. Crisp, juicy red grapes.

168. Little boy toys all over the living room.

169. Watching Cedar learn and grow more every day.

170. Blue skies.

171. New free music – Andrew Peterson’s “The Far Country”…very encouraging and full of Lewis and Tolkien references.

172. Aaron finding me a nice copy of “Brideshead Revisited” at the local used bookstore…a book which I’ve wanted to read for a long time.

173. Reading about our new baby’s development week by week…truly amazing.

174. Armenian flatbread crackers with Trader Joe’s Eggplant Garlic spread.

175. My jar shelf.



A gift-full week

111. A late afternoon’s drive in the hills…taking unknown roads and soaking in the beauty.

112. Homemade chocolate chip cookies – made by my husband.

113. Cold pizza.

114. French toast on a snowy morning.

115. Very yummy sourdough pizza.

116. A husband who told me that it was some of the best pizza he ever had.

117. Chai rooibos tea on a chilly morning.

118. Watching Cedar’s wonder and delight at walking in the falling snow.

119. A husband and little son go on “manly” errands together (like to the auto parts store).

120. After a week of very fretful and wakeful nights, Cedar finally sleeping through the night again.

121. An amazing husband who made me stay in bed and sleep longer while he got Cedar up and dressed, gave him breakfast, and changed a very messy diaper.

122. A yummy breakfast made by my husband.

123. Nutella on buttered toast.

124. Thai red curry over rice.

125. Reading Mark Twain.

126. Freshly touched-up (with paint) living room and hallway walls.

127. Fresh oranges.

128. Preparing for guests…this time, my parents.

129. A little walk in the light rain and wetness, with Cedar on my back in the backpack.

130. Raindrops on bare tree branches.

131. Spring flowers beginning of show their faces.

132. Trader Joe’s 72% dark chocolate.

133. A snow-covered valley.

134. Successfully getting out of the snow despite not yet having chains for the van.

135. The sound of trickling water.

136. Bagels with cream cheese.

137. Wet greeness.

138. Bare trees against bright green grass.

139. A double wedding.

140. My darling husband massaging my headache away so I can sleep.

141. Sunshine on waves.

142. The smell of the ocean.

143. The music of the sea.

144. Revisiting Cambria…even if only for an hour or two.

145. Green hills.


Breaking one hundred…

71. Lemon water.

72. Cloth napkins

73. Aaron and I spending the night in the living room, in front of the fire, trying out the new air bed we got for guests (and it’s really comfy…so come and visit us!).

74. A long, hot shower using some of my Burt’s Bees samples.

75. Shaved legs (no small feat for a largely pregnant woman!).

76. Clean, moisturized skin.

77. Bath-time with a little boy who loves every minute of it.

78. Winning another online giveaway.

79. Cedar going poo in the toilet after not for several weeks.

80. Watching Aaron and Cedar play together.

81. Dried rose bouquets hanging below our candle sconce.

82. Putting together a collage of pictures from our honeymoon in the UK with my beloved.

83. Dried cranberries.

84. Kneading bread.

85. Playing schnapsen with Aaron in front of the fire.

86. My first successful loaf of sourdough bread.

87. Homemade spaghetti sauce.

88. Sunshine and a fresh breeze streaming in through our open front door.

89. A quiet day, after being up with Cedar almost every hour of the night.

90. Knowing that teething hopefully won’t be this hard on all our kids.

91. Elderberry/echinacea tinctures to help fight off the signs of an early cold.

92. Dryers…for tired, pregnant mamas who don’t have the energy to hang clothes on the line despite the sunshine and perfect weather.

93. White twinkle lights.

94. Sleep…for my poor teething baby and for his tired parents.

95. Mangoes on sale, two for $1.

96. Finally finding our favourite brand of soy sauce (Yamasa) for a reasonable price.

97. Coconut milk.

98. Sunshine on wooden floors.

99. Making something from scratch when the recipe calls for ready-made…in this case, vanilla custard sauce.

100. My little boy’s delighted face and laughter as he swings in the park.

101. Roasted garlic on bread.

102. A wonderfully understanding and comforting husband who lets his tired, hormonal, pregnant wife cry on him.

103. Feeling my very active little one inside me kicking and jumping and somersaulting day and night.

104. The smell of real vanilla.

105. The taste of a perfectly ripe mango.

106. The wonder on Cedar’s face as he discovers the moon.

107. Playing on the trampoline with “my men” in the moonlight.

108. Watching Cedar push himself to stand alone on the trampoline…and his excitement when he does!

109. My husband’s enjoyment of his “Mediterranean feast” birthday meal.

110. After years of wanting one, relishing finally having a Valentine…and such a wonderful one.


25 reasons that I have an amazing Valentine

Today is an extra special day.  Not only is it Valentine’s Day, it’s also my Valentine’s birthday!  Yes, though sometimes to his chagrin, my husband was born on Valentine’s Day. Rather fitting, in my opinion.  Aaron is turning 25 this year and so to keep with the trend of listing gifts on Mondays, I thought that today I would list 25 reasons that I have such an amazing Valentine (and the normal weekly gift list will appear tomorrow). There are definitely more than 25 that I could list, but you have to stop somewhere!  So, with no further ado, and in no particular order, the reasons my husband is so incredible…


…builds me fires even when I’m the only one who is cold…or I just want a fire.

…lets me cry on him for no apparent reason other than that I’m tired and hormonal.

…is a wonderful daddy.

…often makes the salad for supper since he knows I don’t like doing it.

…loves my cooking.

…is really good at cutting mangoes.

…regularly gives me massages.

…is a very talented writer.

…often gets up at night with Cedar so I don’t have to.

…randomly brings me Starbucks and flowers…just because.

…loves traveling as much as I do.

…is really good at changing cloth diapers.

…supported me through a long day and night of labour and birth – and I know he’ll do a great job of that again in a few months.

…is really fun to do crossword puzzles with.

…came up with a wonderfully romantic proposal.

…has the perfect voice for whispering sweet somethings…and does often.

…cleans up after supper almost every night.

…smells great – very manly.

…pushes me beyond myself when I need to be.

…has a very funny sense of humour.

…usually “gets” the same stuff that I do.

…knows so much, yet isn’t prideful about it.

…is always so tender and gentle with me.

…is a great kisser and an amazing lover.

…follows Jesus as He wants him to.

There you have it.  In writing this out, I felt like I wasn’t able to find the words to say exactly what I wanted to, but that’s a feeling I’ve had to get used to in the past two years since meeting Aaron as often there really are no words.  I love you, darling…and happy birthday!

No, the baby is not a piece of clothing…

…but when mamas mention “babywearing”, I sometimes wonder what people think!

For those who don’t know, babywearing is simply when you carry (i.e. “wear”) your little one in some kind of carrier that is attached to you.  The possibilities are endless…wraps, slings, soft-structured carriers, etc.  I’m definitely a wrap girl myself, but I think it would be interesting to try other options sometime.

Several of my online friends have lately posted about babywearing and in reading their posts, it makes me so excited to start babywearing again after our new little one arrives!  When Cedar was an infant, I wore him almost constantly in our Sleepy Wrap.  Several people commented later that he was already a couple months old when they finally saw his whole body outside the wrap.  In those first few months, wearing him was pretty much the only way I could get anything done…and it provided lots of snuggle time.  After he was about five or so months old, we moved to a Wrapsody Bali Breeze Freya wrap (a gauze wrap) which worked better as the weather heated up (the Sleepy Wrap is made of a rather thick material) and it provided more support as he got chunkier and chunkier.  In the fall, we also ended up getting a Girasol Big Sur, a true woven wrap, and that provided even more support than the gauze wrap and was great to wear once the weather cooled down.  (And yes, if a lot of this sounds familiar it’s because I also blogged about it in my first “A crunchy minimalist’s guide to baby stuff” post.)

Unfortunately, we ended up not being able to try out our Big Sur as much as I had hoped since it became rather cumbersome (and tiring!) to wear Cedar much as he got heavier and I got bigger with my pregnancy.  He’s never really liked back carries in a wrap (though he loves being on Aaron’s back in our hard-frame backpack) and even hip carries (our favourite) are rather awkward when there’s a baby bump in the way.  As such, our babywearing slowly petered out…but I really miss it!  Thus the anticipation for that phase of babyhood again…and I’m guessing that wearing the new baby will be even more crucial now that I’ll be chasing after a very active toddler too.  I love motherhood.

Before supper stream of conciousness

Yesterday, after reading my gift list for the week, my husband encouraged me to make sure that I continued to post about other things so that my blog wouldn’t be taken over by lists of blessings (which have their place, to be sure).  He’s right, and I had been thinking the same thing, and there are many things that I want to blog about, etc.  But I find that I get caught up in my old perfectionism.  I feel that unless I have oodles of time on my hands to blog (which rarely ever happens) and make the perfect informative and helpful post, then I shouldn’t even try.  Thus, my lack of posts.  But I need to let go of that and just write…something that, when I started this blog, I wanted to make sure to do.  So, once again (and again and again…), I’m going to try to make a concerted effort to just write whatever I feel like writing.  Each post doesn’t have to practically helpful or even contain a complete and finished “lesson”.  You, my readers, will see if this actually happens…I hope it does.

And now, I must go and finish supper.

So many gifts…

34. Firelight flickering on overcast days.

35. Pretty tissue boxes.

36. Homemade chicken pot pie.

37. A lovely journal in which to chronicle my gifts.

38. A new favourite song – “Mystery of Mercy” by Caedmon’s Call.

39. An old favourite skirt that no longer fit right, shortened and maternitized, to become a new favourite skirt.

40. Purple onions, yellow onions, red bell pepper, white garlic – a rainbow in my cast iron skillet – fajitas-to-be.

41. Iron supplements.

42. A very helpful sourdough e-course.

43. A new jar of Miracle Salve.

44. Little boy laughs.

45. An in-utero growth spurt.

46. Clean teeth.

47. Reading the Bible with my beloved.

48. Grace that is new every moment.

49. Blackstrap molasses on toast.

50. Naps for a cranky little boy.

51. A new cookbook.

52. Fresh banana chocolate chip muffins.

53. Playing outside with Cedar, in the sunshine and grass, watching him discover the world.

54. Little “Dickies” brand overalls.

55. A warm little boy, cozy in his wool sleep sack.

56. Fresh lemons.

57. A new (to us) van.

58. A little boy who was a very good sport throughout a long day in town, in spite of not enough naps and not feeling good.

59. That the “not feeling good” disappeared after several hours.

60. Planning my beloved’s “Mediterranean feast” birthday meal.

61. More energy! (from upping my iron)

62. Chipotle.

63. Finishing up leftovers.

64. Finding bulk red raspberry leaf at (since it was out at several places I checked).

65. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee diaper ointment.

66. A weekend with friends.

67. Having so MUCH room in our new van – very helpful when stocking up on groceries on the way back from a weekend away.

68. A full pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

69. Desert Essence Vanilla Chai lotion.

70. A Burt’s Bees sampler pack…from my darling husband.