So many gifts…

34. Firelight flickering on overcast days.

35. Pretty tissue boxes.

36. Homemade chicken pot pie.

37. A lovely journal in which to chronicle my gifts.

38. A new favourite song – “Mystery of Mercy” by Caedmon’s Call.

39. An old favourite skirt that no longer fit right, shortened and maternitized, to become a new favourite skirt.

40. Purple onions, yellow onions, red bell pepper, white garlic – a rainbow in my cast iron skillet – fajitas-to-be.

41. Iron supplements.

42. A very helpful sourdough e-course.

43. A new jar of Miracle Salve.

44. Little boy laughs.

45. An in-utero growth spurt.

46. Clean teeth.

47. Reading the Bible with my beloved.

48. Grace that is new every moment.

49. Blackstrap molasses on toast.

50. Naps for a cranky little boy.

51. A new cookbook.

52. Fresh banana chocolate chip muffins.

53. Playing outside with Cedar, in the sunshine and grass, watching him discover the world.

54. Little “Dickies” brand overalls.

55. A warm little boy, cozy in his wool sleep sack.

56. Fresh lemons.

57. A new (to us) van.

58. A little boy who was a very good sport throughout a long day in town, in spite of not enough naps and not feeling good.

59. That the “not feeling good” disappeared after several hours.

60. Planning my beloved’s “Mediterranean feast” birthday meal.

61. More energy! (from upping my iron)

62. Chipotle.

63. Finishing up leftovers.

64. Finding bulk red raspberry leaf at (since it was out at several places I checked).

65. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee diaper ointment.

66. A weekend with friends.

67. Having so MUCH room in our new van – very helpful when stocking up on groceries on the way back from a weekend away.

68. A full pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

69. Desert Essence Vanilla Chai lotion.

70. A Burt’s Bees sampler pack…from my darling husband.



2 thoughts on “So many gifts…

  1. I love new journals πŸ™‚
    Mmm, chipotle!
    Mediterranean food is so yummy πŸ˜‰
    It must be nice to have a “new to you” vehicle; one that is running well too.
    I hope your iron levels come up quickly for you. I was eating molasses on toast every day last week to boost my iron levels. Had a few bad nosebleeds including one while skiing (with Holly) on Friday. I think it’s better now; at least I feel more energetic!

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