No, the baby is not a piece of clothing…

…but when mamas mention “babywearing”, I sometimes wonder what people think!

For those who don’t know, babywearing is simply when you carry (i.e. “wear”) your little one in some kind of carrier that is attached to you.  The possibilities are endless…wraps, slings, soft-structured carriers, etc.  I’m definitely a wrap girl myself, but I think it would be interesting to try other options sometime.

Several of my online friends have lately posted about babywearing and in reading their posts, it makes me so excited to start babywearing again after our new little one arrives!  When Cedar was an infant, I wore him almost constantly in our Sleepy Wrap.  Several people commented later that he was already a couple months old when they finally saw his whole body outside the wrap.  In those first few months, wearing him was pretty much the only way I could get anything done…and it provided lots of snuggle time.  After he was about five or so months old, we moved to a Wrapsody Bali Breeze Freya wrap (a gauze wrap) which worked better as the weather heated up (the Sleepy Wrap is made of a rather thick material) and it provided more support as he got chunkier and chunkier.  In the fall, we also ended up getting a Girasol Big Sur, a true woven wrap, and that provided even more support than the gauze wrap and was great to wear once the weather cooled down.  (And yes, if a lot of this sounds familiar it’s because I also blogged about it in my first “A crunchy minimalist’s guide to baby stuff” post.)

Unfortunately, we ended up not being able to try out our Big Sur as much as I had hoped since it became rather cumbersome (and tiring!) to wear Cedar much as he got heavier and I got bigger with my pregnancy.  He’s never really liked back carries in a wrap (though he loves being on Aaron’s back in our hard-frame backpack) and even hip carries (our favourite) are rather awkward when there’s a baby bump in the way.  As such, our babywearing slowly petered out…but I really miss it!  Thus the anticipation for that phase of babyhood again…and I’m guessing that wearing the new baby will be even more crucial now that I’ll be chasing after a very active toddler too.  I love motherhood.


4 thoughts on “No, the baby is not a piece of clothing…

  1. Wearing Hans had to stop when I got pregnant too, so I’m so glad to have another “accessory” to wear again ;-). Gretchen has appreciated baby-wearing much more now that she can straddle me. She only loved the Sleepy wrap and mei tai when she was ready for a nap, but never when awake, for some reason! She didn’t care for the froggy squat feet positioning. I need to pull back out my mei tai again, now that she can straddle like in the Ergo. I have to admit to being an Ergo addict, though. I love the other carriers I’ve tried, but the Ergo is my go-to. So comfy and so easy! But the wraps are more elegant :-). I want to be a wrap girl, but I’m for buckles when it comes down to the wire :-).

  2. I used a ring sling when my daughter was newborn and now we are using a Mei Tai. I anticipate me growing out of baby wearing pretty soon as I am also pregnant with little baby number 2. I would love to try a woven wrap one of these days.

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