Breaking one hundred…

71. Lemon water.

72. Cloth napkins

73. Aaron and I spending the night in the living room, in front of the fire, trying out the new air bed we got for guests (and it’s really comfy…so come and visit us!).

74. A long, hot shower using some of my Burt’s Bees samples.

75. Shaved legs (no small feat for a largely pregnant woman!).

76. Clean, moisturized skin.

77. Bath-time with a little boy who loves every minute of it.

78. Winning another online giveaway.

79. Cedar going poo in the toilet after not for several weeks.

80. Watching Aaron and Cedar play together.

81. Dried rose bouquets hanging below our candle sconce.

82. Putting together a collage of pictures from our honeymoon in the UK with my beloved.

83. Dried cranberries.

84. Kneading bread.

85. Playing schnapsen with Aaron in front of the fire.

86. My first successful loaf of sourdough bread.

87. Homemade spaghetti sauce.

88. Sunshine and a fresh breeze streaming in through our open front door.

89. A quiet day, after being up with Cedar almost every hour of the night.

90. Knowing that teething hopefully won’t be this hard on all our kids.

91. Elderberry/echinacea tinctures to help fight off the signs of an early cold.

92. Dryers…for tired, pregnant mamas who don’t have the energy to hang clothes on the line despite the sunshine and perfect weather.

93. White twinkle lights.

94. Sleep…for my poor teething baby and for his tired parents.

95. Mangoes on sale, two for $1.

96. Finally finding our favourite brand of soy sauce (Yamasa) for a reasonable price.

97. Coconut milk.

98. Sunshine on wooden floors.

99. Making something from scratch when the recipe calls for ready-made…in this case, vanilla custard sauce.

100. My little boy’s delighted face and laughter as he swings in the park.

101. Roasted garlic on bread.

102. A wonderfully understanding and comforting husband who lets his tired, hormonal, pregnant wife cry on him.

103. Feeling my very active little one inside me kicking and jumping and somersaulting day and night.

104. The smell of real vanilla.

105. The taste of a perfectly ripe mango.

106. The wonder on Cedar’s face as he discovers the moon.

107. Playing on the trampoline with “my men” in the moonlight.

108. Watching Cedar push himself to stand alone on the trampoline…and his excitement when he does!

109. My husband’s enjoyment of his “Mediterranean feast” birthday meal.

110. After years of wanting one, relishing finally having a Valentine…and such a wonderful one.



3 thoughts on “Breaking one hundred…

  1. Jessica! I love your lists! I think I could have almost the same list as you, minus the jumping, kicking, summersaulting, baby:-) Love your little family!

  2. All your lists are wonderful, but this one is my favorite by far. Keep up the writing! When I start my own blog, I’ll be sure to invite you!

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