A gift-full week

111. A late afternoon’s drive in the hills…taking unknown roads and soaking in the beauty.

112. Homemade chocolate chip cookies – made by my husband.

113. Cold pizza.

114. French toast on a snowy morning.

115. Very yummy sourdough pizza.

116. A husband who told me that it was some of the best pizza he ever had.

117. Chai rooibos tea on a chilly morning.

118. Watching Cedar’s wonder and delight at walking in the falling snow.

119. A husband and little son go on “manly” errands together (like to the auto parts store).

120. After a week of very fretful and wakeful nights, Cedar finally sleeping through the night again.

121. An amazing husband who made me stay in bed and sleep longer while he got Cedar up and dressed, gave him breakfast, and changed a very messy diaper.

122. A yummy breakfast made by my husband.

123. Nutella on buttered toast.

124. Thai red curry over rice.

125. Reading Mark Twain.

126. Freshly touched-up (with paint) living room and hallway walls.

127. Fresh oranges.

128. Preparing for guests…this time, my parents.

129. A little walk in the light rain and wetness, with Cedar on my back in the backpack.

130. Raindrops on bare tree branches.

131. Spring flowers beginning of show their faces.

132. Trader Joe’s 72% dark chocolate.

133. A snow-covered valley.

134. Successfully getting out of the snow despite not yet having chains for the van.

135. The sound of trickling water.

136. Bagels with cream cheese.

137. Wet greeness.

138. Bare trees against bright green grass.

139. A double wedding.

140. My darling husband massaging my headache away so I can sleep.

141. Sunshine on waves.

142. The smell of the ocean.

143. The music of the sea.

144. Revisiting Cambria…even if only for an hour or two.

145. Green hills.



2 thoughts on “A gift-full week

  1. I love it when Adrian and Hans go on “manly errands” too :-). They’re taking my car to the oil change place this coming Saturday so Gretchen and I get a girl shopping trip to the health food store :-).

  2. Oh, did you get snow too? We’ve got quite a bit and love it!
    I like it when my brothers bake cookies. 🙂
    How wonderful that your parents came/are coming to visit!
    A double wedding? I’ve often thought that my sister and I should do that someday if it would be convenient =D

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