Early springtime gifts

176. The first daffodils, crocuses and narcissuses of spring.

177. A cup of Blue Lady tea.

178. The new Bulk Herb Store catalog.

179. The air after it rains.

180. Cedar’s ever-changing facial expressions.

181. Our comfy couch.

182. Pillows.

183. Roast chicken and baked potatoes.

184. A wet, green morning in which everything even sounds fresh.

185. Iron levels that are back to normal (and more energy!).

186. Watching Cedar’s joy in playing Daddy’s keyboard all by himself.

187. A buy-one-get-one-free Chipotle coupon.

188. Little boy jeans with cargo pockets.

189. Finger puppet board books.

190. Hot chocolate – made with whole milk and Ghirardelli 60% chocolate chips.

191. Brooms and sweeping.

192. Making basil cream sauce for the first time and having it turn out very yummy!

193. Aaron really liking the basil cream sauce despite his usual aversion to milk-based sauces.

194. Cedar, of his own accord, practicing being “gentle” on Aaron (by stroking his cheek softly).

195. Library book sales.

196. Sitting on the porch, in the sunshine, reading and talking to Aaron while he plants starts for our garden.

197. Finally getting around to reading all the articles in the Winter 2011 Beeyoutiful catalog, and learning so much.

198. A husband who mopped the floor, so I didn’t have to.

199. Having enough energy to take walks consistently, even at 32 weeks pregnant (that wasn’t the case with Cedar…I was so exhausted).

200. Working in the garden with my little family, preparing the beds for spring and transplanting mint, all the while bathed in the late afternoon sunshine.

201. Dirt under my fingernails.

202. A planter full of spearmint.

203. Apple-orange-mint salad.

204. Crossword puzzle dates with my husband.

205. Farm animal bath toys.

206. A rainy Sunday’s brunch of Banana Pecan Oatmeal Brulee and Blue Lady tea.

207. Lavender and light yellow pansies for a pot on my porch.

208. The play of light and shadow on a sometimes overcast, sometimes sunny day.

209. Finishing One Thousand Gifts.

210. Chubby, dimpled legs and cloth-diapered bottoms.

211. The sound of frogs in the wet stillness.

212. Waking up to fog blanketing everything.

213. A productive morning.

214. California oranges.

215. Anticipating a surprise date.



3 thoughts on “Early springtime gifts

  1. Hi Jessica! I like all your lists! Cool idea;)

    Oh, and as for 190, whenever I eat those I always think of you:)

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