A quarter of the way there!

216. Dusting.

217. The smell of my homemade all-purpose cleaner – water, lavender Dr. Bronner’s and lemon essential oil.

218. Playing on the trampoline with Cedar and soaking up the sunshine.

219. The little boy belly laughs that come from hitting the ticklish spot exactly.

220. Hanging diaper laundry outside in the sunshine.

221. Cedar “helping” me pot the pansies for our front porch.

222. Getting my planter of lilies-of-the-valley ready for spring.

223. Winning the Lilla Rose giveaway.

224. The feel of bare feet on damp earth.

225. The late afternoon sunlight causing a barely blooming tree to glow the palest pink.

226. Cedar “helping” me peel garlic.

227. Steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries and honey.

228. Toddler fascination with pockets.

229. Cedar “talking” up a storm.

230. How cookbooks are so heavy when you’re only a year old.

231. Washing the birthing pool.

232. Getting out all the infant clothes and filling the new baby’s drawer.

233. Getting together everything for the birthing kit.

234. Cedar nursing to sleep.

235. Cleaning with essential oils.

236. Spring-scented candles.

237. Potatoes roasted with garlic.

238. “Dancing in the Minefields” by Andrew Peterson.

239. The peach tree outside our front window starting to bloom pink.

240. Yummy homemade water kefir (i.e. cheap probiotics!).

241. Fresh strawberries.

242. Talking with other moms.

243. Very comfy maternity capris.

244. Sister time.

245. Unexpected roses from my darling.

246. A quiet morning while Cedar sleeps in…which he desperately needed.

247. Sitting outside Jamba Juice with my sisters, sharing what God has taught us in the past couple years.

248. Mangoes, lemons, garlic and strawberries all very on sale.

249. Finally being able to wear a new short-sleeved maternity shirt that I bought over the winter.

250. Feeling cute in said shirt.


11 thoughts on “A quarter of the way there!

  1. Great list!
    Isn’t it so much fun to win a giveaway?! 🙂
    Jamba juice and sisters…what could be better? 🙂

  2. Love your list!
    You’ve really been blessed with the giveaways this year 🙂
    So glad your sisters got to visit with you.
    I can’t wait for our lilies-of-the-valley to come up and bloom; oh I hope they do bloom this year.

    We were making goat milk kefir but how do you do water kefir? I want to find out!

    1. After reading a bunch of different “recipes”, what I ended up doing for the water kefir was…
      Put a half cup of turbinado sugar (I want to eventually use sucanat, etc. but couldn’t find any here) in a half-gallon glass jar and put in a bit of warm water to help dissolve the sugar. After the sugar is mostly dissolved, fill the rest of the jar with cold water (and possibly an ice cube or two since you want the final water to be cool). Add about 4-6 tablespoons of water kefir grains and half a washed egg shell. Let sit at room temperature (between 68-78 degrees) for at least 24 hours (I let ours go a little longer since our house was coolish). Strain out the kefir grains (do NOT use metal utensils or strainers as they can damage the grains) and egg shell. Flavour how you like and let sit out for at least another 24 hours. Refrigerate and enjoy! 🙂

      1. Sounds easy enough! 🙂 Thank you for the recipe. Where did you buy your water kefir grains? We have the milk kind which my sister got a friend in Florida years ago.

  3. Hi!!

    “I can definitely relate to the “can I touch your belly?!” part of this post…I HATE that about pregnancy…how your belly is all of sudden supposedly public property. 🙂 But anyway…I hope the last couple weeks of your pregnancy goes well…I’m praying for you! ”

    I reckon. Thankfully sons are a good barrier to hold in front of 😉 Grandparents are the worst offenders and I’ve become good at subtly avoiding/preventing the belly rub/pat!

    How long have you got to go now?!

    1. But grandparents (Esp. first time grandparents!) are eager to meet the little one too and I think that is why they want to “touch”.
      I know some ladies are very adamantly against any belly touching but some aren’t. Even my somewhat shy friend offered to let us touch her belly and feel baby kicking. I was surprised but eagerly felt her kicking; what a wonderful feeling! 🙂
      If I were pregnant, I think it would bother me at first but I’d eventually let close relatives touch and feel.

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