Another week of gifts

251. The smell of sun-dried cloth diapers.

252. Driving in the rain.

253. A new cute notebook.

254. Buying fun food at Trader Joe’s for our anniversary.

255. Trader Joe’s chocolate ice cream.

256. Lots of fresh fruit.

257. A little boy who was very well-behaved during shopping.

258. White sauce and green chile enchiladas.

259. How much you can get done during a toddler naptime.

260. Sourdough pancakes that were so enjoyed by both my guys.

261. The smell of snack sprouts baking/drying.

262. Cedar talking and singing to himself while playing.

263. Aaron unexpectedly staying home from work because of the weather.

264. Several quiet hours of reading with my darling while Cedar napped.

265. Roasted garlic and white cheddar bread from Trader Joe’s.

266. Answering a friend’s questions about cloth diapering.

267. New babies everywhere!

268. The one sunny day between days of rain and snow falling on the same day as doing diaper laundry (i.e. fresh-smelling diapers!).

269. Listening to Aaron and Cedar play the keyboard together.

270. Cedar having a good attitude throughout a long evening away from home.

271. Sun-dried tomato and roasted garlic cream cheese dip.

272. Singing praises to the Lord with other believers.

273. Daydreaming of our coming little one.

274. Anticipating the birth (along with praying for our little one stay inside Mommy for several more weeks).

275. The sound of rain outside an open window.

276. Cedar “helping” Aaron bring in firewood.

277. A quiet Sunday at home with my guys.

278. A Nalgene scrubbed clean of the staining/residue left by all the pregnancy tea that I drink.

279. A late night dessert with my darling.

280. A long full-body massage from my wonderful husband.

281. Listening to Cedar sing and talk to himself as he goes down for his nap.

282. Toast with seasoned tomato paste and mozzarella cheese.

283. Having a snug, cozy house with a woodstove and propane cookstove during a long power outage.

284. The beauty of a foot plus of snow.

285. Having diaper laundry done the day before we had no power.

286. Gymnastics in my belly moving my book.


2 thoughts on “Another week of gifts

  1. All your mention of food makes me hungry 🙂 I would love to try Trader Joe’s bread sometime. mmm sounds good!

    Wow, you have over a foot of snow? We have about 9″ currently. It’s been snowing on and off for several days now but not adding up very quicklly.

    Oh, and I love having propane for cooking too.

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