Two years

Photo by Gayle Iest of Bryson Cybil Photography

Today marks two years since…

…I woke up on the morning of my wedding to a blizzard, after days of sunshine and perfect weather.

…the blizzard thankfully stopped and the sun came out in time to dry the roads sufficiently for people to travel safely.

…our families and their helpers transformed the little chapel (indoors now!) into a lovely place that any girl would be proud to be married in.

…my sisters, close friends and I spent several hours dressing, doing hair, eating, giggling and getting our pictures taken as we awaited the moment we could tromp through the mud and slush (with our dresses held up to our knees) over to the chapel.

…my mom helped lace me into the beautiful wedding dress that she had worked so hard on over the past three months.  She was able to make it exactly what I wanted (even when I didn’t know what that was) and more.

…my bridesmaids ushered me (as quietly as possible) into the back of the chapel after all the guests were seated.  Then we all hid in the ladies’ restroom while we waited for the ceremony to start.

…I heard the beginning strains of the cello playing “Be Thou My Vision” and my dad and I started down the aisle.

…my dad gave me to the man I had only known for seven months, but couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with.

…we all sang “This Is My Father’s World” and it seemed like the longest song in the world!

…Aaron’s dad gave the best wedding address I had ever heard.

…my darling and I pledged our love and our lives to each other and sealed it with our first kiss.

…my new husband carried me down the aisle to Bebo Norman’s “Sunday”.

…we spent several chilly, but happy hours taking pictures outside in a mixture of snow and sunshine.

…we attended our beautiful reception – a lovely time though I was quite tired and starting to get overwhelmed by it all.

…my new husband again carried me, this time through the crowd of our family and friends, blowing bubbles and wishing us the best.

…we got away, amidst a sudden onslaught of snowballs, to spend several blissful days entirely alone, by the sea.

Today marks two years since I began my life as Mrs. Aaron Telian.  Though those two years have been harder that I thought they would be, they’ve also been more amazing than I ever dreamed.  I am truly blessed beyond measure to be married to such a wonderful man and I pray that the Lord will give us many more years together.  I love you, darling!

[Several months after the wedding, I put together a wedding photo blog where I pared down our 1700+ wedding photos to a manageable amount.  If you haven’t already seen it, it can be found at Today I Marry My Best Friend].


6 thoughts on “Two years

  1. YAY! Congratulations on your anniversary! I’m so thankful that Aaron married you, I’d be lonely without you!

  2. Beautiful.

    I looked at all the pictures. And I cried. Positively beautiful.

    And what is it with inclement weather on the day of a wedding? Record rainfalls on my wedding day, record-breaking blizzard on my brother’s… 🙂

  3. Congratulations Jessica! It seemed so long ago that first day you were at our house fellowship, coming all the way from NZ to be Aaron’s wife. It seems like so long ago…I hope I can get to know you better in the years to come.

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