Gift-list from the week with no electricity

287. Talking with a close friend who just had her baby.

288. Learning to not be discouraged by not being able to go to the local B&B for our anniversary night (since their power was out too!).

289. Going out for Mediterranean food instead.

290. And then to Starbucks with our laptops.

291. A beautiful and sweet anniversary card from my husband of two years.

292. Rejoicing knowing that a friend’s husband is finally home from a long deployment.

293. A quiet morning with toast and hot chocolate after a long night with a wakeful toddler.

294. Generators.

295. Laundromats.

296. Clean laundry and diapers.

297. A clean hearth.

298. Reading through some birth books again.

299. In-laws who are wonderful babysitters.

300. Flowers from my sweetheart lasting a long time (and brightening a gloomy week).

301. Dinners by candlelight.

302. Aaron and Cedar taking a walk so I could get the mopping done.

303. Snow on peach blossoms.

304. Reading Under the Tuscan Sun.

305. Drinking pregnancy tea out of quart Mason jars.

306. Sunshine after days of gloom (and no electric lights).

307. Cedar’s fascination with and love for calculators.

308. Enjoying pesto made from the past summer’s basil.

309. Long, good talks with my mom.

310. Spending an hour at Starbucks, by myself, with a latte and my laptop.

311. A very enjoyable concert by the Voetberg family.

312. A new CD.

313. In-N-Out.

314. The power FINALLY coming back on after almost seven whole days of being without.

315. Not having to wash diapers at the laundromat again…thanks to my wise husband who advised me to wait just a little bit longer.

316. A celebration dinner of all the fun foods we bought for our anniversary getaway that never happened.

317. A clean refrigerator…the result of having to take everything out of it to store in coolers throughout the week.

318. LIGHT!

319. Being able to use my own washing machine again (lots of laundry to catch up on!).

320. The prospect of baking again.



2 thoughts on “Gift-list from the week with no electricity

  1. So thankful that your power is back on, it must be a relief. Having experienced the same before, I know how trying it can be (fun when you are little, but not too fun with babies!)
    We also received over a foot of heavy wet snow last week. Holly is talking about planting her garden…and I am thinking, well, maybe snow peas?! LOL 😀

  2. So happy to hear that you have power again!! the longest we’ve had ours out for was about a week too but it’s been a very long time since that happened. I am so thankful for generators too. They are awesome inventions! 🙂

    Yes, so thankful that Ash’s husband is home again.

    I saw that the Voetbergs were in our area recently and we missed them =/ We saw them quite a few years ago at the Western Fiddle event.

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