So very many gifts…

321. Electric kettles.

322. Watching Cedar play for so long with Aaron’s chess pieces.

323. His delight at making them stand up all by himself.

324. A thrown-together stir-fry that turned out amazing!

325. A productive morning, followed by a lazy afternoon.

326. A good long chat with one of my best friends.

327. Garlic rolls.

328. The knowledge that, despite complications, our new little one is and always will be in the Father’s hands.

329. Little boy gum boots.

330. How Cedar has become the “bug police”.

331. The sound of frogs in the cool air.

332. Lying on the trampoline, snuggled with my husband, watching the stars.

333. A lunch of fried rice and kiwis.

334. Going on a short walk by myself while Cedar napped and Aaron worked outside.

335. Sunshine and bird song.

336. Discovering little grape hyacinths along the roadside.

337. A midwife appointment that went really well.

338. Sharing a fruit and veggie Jamba Juice with my darling.

339. Making baklava.

340. Cedar’s delight with swings.

341. Finishing up all the YLCF drafts that I wanted to have done before the baby comes.

342. Cedar “helping” Aaron in his shop.

343. Frozen pizza for lunch.

344. The smell of freshly cut grass.

345. How Cedar handles the bumps, bruises and black eyes of being a boy so well.

346. The knowledge that I’m going to give birth before the really hot weather sets in.

347. Lavender oil for bug bites.

348. The freshness of spring.

349. A big fleece blanket doubling as a not-too-bulky body pillow to help with pregnancy aches.

350. Passing the point of how far along I was with Cedar when he was born.

351. Roasted garlic, eaten on its own with a little olive oil and salt.

352. While reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and drinking pregnancy tea.

353. Morel mushrooms.

354. How my collection of dried rose bouquets keeps growing.

355. How hot (!) my husband looks in his reading glasses.

356. Finally selling the cloth diapers that I don’t use anymore.

357. Knowing, before 4 PM, what I’m going to make for supper…and having the meat defrosting before then.

358. Hanging laundry outside.

359. Garden plans.

360. Talking cloth diapers with a close friend…and understanding each other.


One thought on “So very many gifts…

  1. I love your long lists; they always put a smile on my face! 🙂
    Those garlic rolls sound very yummy. I’m trying to get into consuming more garlic and since we bought a big bag full, I should get busy.

    I hope and pray that you carry this baby full-term; getting past the point that you went with Cedar must be a relief.
    Ah yes, it will be great to have the baby here before it gets hot. My poor Mom carried us until July 30th and 31st. Her 1st pregnancy, twins and summertime!!
    All the others were spring or winter babies save our little sister who was also a July girl.

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