361. Plaid little boy shorts.

362. An afternoon spent with good friends, talking mommy stuff.

363. Being at friend’s house and not at a store, etc., when I locked the keys in the car and had to wait two hours for Aaron to come with the spare set.

364. How Cedar loves holding my hand.

365. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Dilemma cheesecake.

366. Energy in spite of being up many times a night with my poor teething guy.

367. How sometimes all that is needed to go back to sleep is a drink of water and a Mommy snuggle.

368. Whiskey for teething.

369. A good report on a friend’s coming little one.

370. Cedar rubbing his head when reading the “peach fuzzy hair” part of his Fruit book.

371. A little boy sleeping mostly through the night after several very wakeful nights.

372. Lunch out with my mother-in-law.

373. Cedar wanting his fish taco folded/rolled like everyone else’s and then eating the whole thing that way.

374. Nursing giggles.

375. Louisiana Chicken Pasta…loved by both my men.

376. Checking off a myriad of little things on my “do before the baby gets here” list.

377. Making a balm for Cedar’s eczema (that, so far, has worked really well!).

378. Cedar, when seeing me get the jar of brown (because of the blackstrap molasses in it) water kefir out of the fridge, getting so excited and handing me his cup.

379. Chocolate peanut butter oatmeal no-bake bars.

380. The power staying on in spite of another snowstorm.

381. An amazing husband who made a delicious dinner AND cleaned up afterward.

382. Cedar mimicking Aaron howling like a wolf.

383. Watching Peter Rollins videos with my sweetheart.

384. A good talk with one of my sister-in-laws.

385. Sitting on a swinging bench in the local nursery with Cedar while Aaron got stuff for the garden.

386. Barked pathways in the garden.

387. A nap.

388. New diaper ointment for Cedar.

389. Lessons from my Father on trusting and loving.

390. Nesting.



2 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Wow, another snowstorm for you? We had a dusting on Fri/Sat but nothing major thankfully.

    All the food from Trader Joe’s is soooo good!! Mmm!

    What all did you put in the balm for Cedar? One of my brothers had eczema growing up though it’s pretty much gone now. Ali gets dry/red eczema like rash on her left hand occasionally.

    1. Hello Samantha,

      Sorry that it took me awhile to reply…sometimes I get rather behind on my comments. 🙂

      I’m planning on eventually doing a post on making the balm, but I ended up using beeswax, coconut oil, kokum butter and meadowfoam seed oil. I roughly used the ratios that I found here and the consistency turned out great. The kokum butter and meadowfoam seed oil were Christmas gifts from my sister and she got them at Mountain Rose Herbs. They’re both supposed to have great skin restorative properties so I thought they would work good in a balm for eczema…and they definitely do!

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