Gifts while learning patience and trust

391. Sharing a box of doctored-up (added lots of butter, asiago cheese and garlic powder) Annie’s Mac and Cheese with Cedar.

392. Having some other trusted midwives available to take over when my midwife had to suddenly stop working.

393. Stocking up on food for when the new baby comes.

394. Cedar’s delight with his new ball.

395. A nice evening after a very hard day.

396. Cedar, “The Condiment King” – if there’s any possible edible substance available to put on top of his food, or dip his food into, he will.

397. Finding a pretty nursing bra.

398. Cedar finally attempting to take some unassisted steps.

399. Andrew Peterson on shuffle.

400. Finally being in the “safe zone” for this pregnancy.

401. Trader Joe’s Pomegranate Green Tea.

402. A quiet breakfast with my husband while Cedar slept in.

403. Getting some deep cleaning done.

404. Answering e-mails.

405. Finally getting to have brussel sprouts again after Trader Joe’s couldn’t get them in for several months.

406. Morning cuddles.

407. Lying on the sunny grass with Aaron while Cedar explored nearby.

408. How Cedar does his own “Extreme Crawling Theme Music”.

409. Homemade pizza night with Aaron’s family.

410. Learning patience and trust in the Father through waiting for our baby to be born.

411. Orzo salad…tasting like summer.

412. Days of perfect weather.

413. Little boy shorts overalls.

414. A wonderfully caring husband who makes me rest.

415. Anticipating our Human Planet DVDs.

416. Going out for burgers on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

417. Sharing a chocolate malt with my guys.

418. A good night’s sleep.

419. My little boy having a much better day (attitude-wise) than the day before.

420. Knowing my husband is very happy with a decision I made, but wasn’t very sure about.


2 thoughts on “Gifts while learning patience and trust

  1. I hope your midwife is okay! And I have been thinking of you much lately with the anticipation of your little one, knowing it could be any day now. I saw the video of Cedar starting to walk, it was fun to see!

  2. I hope your midwife is ok too.
    Yay for Cedar walking! 🙂
    I look forward to hearing about your little one arriving; soon maybe!
    I noticed the Trader Joe’s Pomegranate Green Tea last week when I was in there and have decided that it looks far better than the stuff I was buying at World Market. (and WM’s price is outlandish! but TJ’s price is definitely affordable)

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