Gifts in the waiting

421. Cedar dancing whenever he hears music or a beat of any kind (or even when he doesn’t!).

422. Cedar walking around the living room, pulling his little stuffed horse behind him.

423. Cuddling on the couch with my little boy and both enjoying looking at the new copy of National Geographic.

424. Contractions petering out on the day that Aaron had to be away all day.

425. Tri-tip, black bean and cheddar burritos.

426. My lilies-of-the-valley getting buds.

427. Pink tulips in a mason jar…a surprise from my sweet husband.

428. A beautiful evening’s walk.

429. The ever-changing colours of clouds at sunset.

430. Soaking in a hot bath to help with some of the pregnancy aches and pains.

431. A chocolate malt…made by my sweetheart…brought to me in the bathtub.

432. Aaron taking Cedar to work outside with him so I could rest.

433. Cedar learning how to do thumbs up and doing it often throughout dinner.

434. The simplicity of spaghetti with home-canned sauce…so thankful my guys love such an easy meal.

435. The little post-dinner bread-thief, stealing the last bit of bread off the table while Mommy wasn’t looking.

436. The Magic Cabin catalog – and how much Cedar loves looking at it.

437. Hearing about a friend’s 35-minute labour and birth.

438. Sleeping in a bit because Aaron got up with Cedar.

439. Smoked paprika.

440. Hearing my husband speak at a local gathering of believers.

441. Singing “See, What a Morning”.

442. Good conversations.

443. My amazing husband who holds his wife while she’s crying for absolutely no reason (other than hormones!).

444. Cedar saying “All done, Dad” of his own accord.

445. A rainy Resurrection morning.

446. My wonderful husband making an Easter breakfast of muffins and smoothies (and cleaning the kitchen afterward).

447. Listening to Cedar and Aaron play and talk in the living room while I laid down and timed contractions.

448. Learning to trust the Father’s perfect timing when the contractions petered out yet again.

449. A delicious Easter meal with my in-laws and friends.

450. Egg-bopping.

451. Chocolate-dipped strawberries and whipped cream.

452. Clean bedding.

453. Egg salad.

454. Sprouted toast smothered in butter.

455. The myriad shades of green proclaiming the coming of spring.


4 thoughts on “Gifts in the waiting

  1. Your lists always make me smile. You sound very blessed.

    We danced to “See What a Morning” yesterday during the church service, wearing white ruffle dresses and using silver and gold fabric billows (very pretty!) plus having a father/daughter dance for the 2nd verses about Mary and Jesus. It’s a great song!

  2. It won’t be long now…praying for patience (can imagine how easy it would be to feel anxious and just tired of waiting) for you and hoping for a great labor and delivery!
    Yay for the green-ness of spring! 😀

  3. Love your lists! I love how my brothers and Dad love spaghetti too; simple and easy yet yummy!

    It must be sooo cute to watch Cedar dance! 🙂

    Mmm, chocolate dipped strawberries and whipped cream!!

    Wow, a 35 minute labor? Amazing!!

    I hope that by next Monday, you’ll be holding your precious little one in your arms.

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