Gifts in being a mommy

501. Being able to be up and about again.

502. Genoa in the Sleepy Wrap.

503. Dark and silky newborn hair.

504. Strauss Family Creamery organic chocolate ice cream.

505. Newborn smiles.

506. Hour-long night-time nursing sessions.

507. Being able to talk through hard times with my love.

508. My first morning alone with both kids going so well.

509. A good one-week postpartum midwife appointment.

510. Genoa already gaining back all her birthweight.

511. Finding some cute girly warm-weather newborn clothes.

512. Cedar wiping down his place at the table.

513. My little guy loving nursing so much.

514. Folding tiny clothes in the laundry.

515. Watching my love and his little girl.

516. Successfully nursing Cedar and Genoa simultaneously with no help.

517. Cedar trying to hold Genoa’s hand while they were nursing together.

518. Cedar helping Aaron and I wash the van.

519. Learning anew how amazing it is to be a mommy.

520. A sweet Mother’s Day card from my darling.

521. The scent of infant breath.

522. Girly diaper covers.

523. Burlap shopping bags from my sister.

524. The generosity of so many people in bringing us meals.

525. New sidewalks and asphalt for part of our front yard.

526. Cedar “talking” more and more.

527. The face Cedar makes when he thinks something is disgusting.

528. Fresh avocados.

529. Tiny dainty fingers.

530. Learning to daily treasure each fleeting moment of motherhood and enjoy them instead of focusing on all that I think “needs” to be done.


One thought on “Gifts in being a mommy

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you are nursing both of them at the same time and how sweet that Cedar was trying to hold Genoa’s hand šŸ™‚
    Does Cedar love being a big brother now?

    Mmm, fresh avocados!

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