A week so filled with gifts

531. Lying snuggled in my love’s arms as we talk much too late into the night about anything and everything.

532. Genoa’s own aden+ anais blankets.

533. Our first family trip to town going so well.

534. Cedar pointing out a barking dog and saying “Woof! Woof!”

535. Genoa in her little dresses.

536. My Mother’s Day gift: a jewelry tree.

537. Chocolate from World Market.

538. Kettle Backyard Barbeque potato chips.

539. Watching my husband work…so strong and handsome.

540. How Genoa loves being worn so much.

541. Reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt for the umpteenth time.

542. How little boys know how to make car noises with being told.

543. Genoa sleeping on her daddy’s chest.

544. Fresh clementines.

545. All the little noises sleeping infants make.

546. An abundant breastmilk supply.

547. My sister-in-law coming down for lunch.

548. The scent of falling dew.

549. The planned power outage only lasting a couple hours.

550. The startings of Genoa’s double chin.

551. Cedar emptying his toy box and “discovering” so many new things.

552. A day with no laundry.

553. Evenings with my love.

554. Being able to wear non-maternity clothes again.

555. The riches of being mommy to two.

556. Cedar’s fascination with Genoa’s toes.

557. Little dresses.

558. Spending the evening with old friends and meeting new ones.

559. A friend’s amazing Mexican rice.

560. Having a friend to talk to while we both nurse our babies at a birthday party.

561. My two little ones sleeping so well on a  long late car ride home.

562. Both kids letting us sleep in on a Sunday morning.

563. My love making a yummy breakfast of apple muffins and scrambled eggs.

564. A relaxing day enjoying time together as our little family.

565. An amazing dinner, brought by friends, of kebabs on rosemary skewers, super yummy couscous, and parmesan herb foccacia.

566. A family walk on a cool but sunny evening.

567. Cedar trying to share his toys with Genoa.

568. The garden (hopefully) surviving an unexpected cold spell.

569. Trader Joe’s Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds.

570. An evening with my darling of massages and talking about so many things.

571. How Cedar loves using his own fork and spoon.

572. The soft weight of a baby asleep on your chest.

573. A huge package from my uncle of natural goodies for the kids and I.

574. A husband who makes me spend my birthday money.

575. Genoa’s roses-and-cream colouring.


5 thoughts on “A week so filled with gifts

  1. So glad Cedar and Genoa slept well on the way home! Tirzah and Elijah let us sleep in on Sunday morning too, so all four of them were good! 😉

  2. Trader Joe’s Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds…..I don’t know what this is but it sounds lovely!

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