Continuing counting…

576. The first bubble bath in I don’t know how long…so needed.

577. How totally relaxed Genoa (sometimes) looks when she sleeps.

578. Being inside my cozy little cottage listening to the rain outside.

579. Reading books with Cedar.

580. Dainty long-fingered little hands.

581. Nursing Cedar while Genoa sleeps on my chest.

582. Cedar “tickling” me with his toy rake.

583. The encouragement from random songs that come up on my iTunes shuffle.

584. The memories from our courtship evoked by Sandra McCracken’s “All the Miles”.

585. Sending “scandalous” texts to my husband.

586. Getting out the next size range of little girl clothes.

587. Cedar finally turning the corner to walking more consistently.

588. Eggplant parmesan from the garden eggplant we froze this summer.

589. A restful day after a very wakeful night.

590. Hyland’s Colic Tablets.

591. A daddy who uncomplainingly walked his baby girl to sleep at two in the morning.

592. A good supply of nursing pads.

593. Butter, peanut butter and Nutella on toast.

594. Aaron and Cedar on a father/son outing to get Cedar’s first big boy (hard-soled)shoes.

595. How Genoa sometimes throws her arm over her face when she’s really tired and nursing to sleep…just like her big brother used to.

596. My lilies-of-the-valley blooming for so long.

597. Surprise scones from a friend.

598. Reminding myself that Genoa eating every one and a half to two hours throughout the night is actually a good thing.

599. My amazing husband who got up with Cedar so that I could sleep in while Genoa was sleeping.

600. Forgiveness just a breath away.

601. The bittersweetness of seeing my little boy grow up.

602. Cuddling on the couch while we finish up Human Planet.

603. Sourdough chicken garlic calzones.

604. Lazy Sunday afternoons with my darling.

605. Cedar taking a three and a half hour nap and waking up in a good mood.

606. Getting a 70 point word in Scrabble (EQUATOR with the Q on a triple letter and the whole word on a double word) and therefore actually beating Aaron (but only by six points).

607. Trying out new diaper covers.

608. Looking forward to my mom and sister’s visit.

609.Β  Calling Poison Control and finding out that the cutting fluid Cedar possibly ingested isn’t toxic.

610. How nursing provides needed breaks even when you didn’t think you needed them.


4 thoughts on “Continuing counting…

    1. I Like 607 too! I just purchased another thirsties but I want a blueberry so bad! I just can’t justify it right now. Maybe next little:)

    2. A couple of the Size Two Duos started leaking a lot and since I needed the Coveralls fast, I just ordered a chocolate and a red off of Amazon. They came on Wednesday and I LOVE them! Definitely seem to be a lot better quality than the Duos, but we’ll see how they hold up in the long run. Another two of the Duos will probably bite the dust soon so then I want to get some prints (which Nicki’s Diapers has now)…but I just can’t decide which ones because they need to be pretty gender neutral. Do the giraffes and owls seem masculine to you? πŸ˜›

  1. Beautiful list of wonderful things to be thankful for. I had to laugh over #606
    That must have been scary- # 609!
    Our lilies of the valley will soon be blooming; I am very excited about that.

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