611. How Cedar wants to wear his sunglasses to read National Geographic…just like Daddy wears his reading glasses.

612. Going shopping with my mom, sister and sister-in-law (and my littles!) and finding some new summer shirts.

613. How amazingly well Cedar and Genoa did during such a long shopping day.

614. Chocolate chip cookie dough.

615. Being needed by my little ones.

616. A quiet recovery day after shopping.

617. How organized Cedar’s toy area is after all his board books are in his new book basket.

618. Re-reading Stepping Heavenward and being so encouraged by it.

619. A late birthday gift package for Genoa and I.

620. Getting the invitation to Genoa’s baby shower.

621. A ballet counting book.

622. Diatomaceous earth (to take care of our ant problem).

623. Cedar barking in his sleep.

624. Beef, red pepper and quinoa stir-fry.

625. Cedar helping me cut up watermelon and put it in a bowl.

626. My new nursing cover made by my mom.

627. Little boy polo shirts.

628. My love randomly making me chocolate chip cookies.

629. A very encouraging report (at my midwife appointment since we don’t have a scale) in regard to my post-partum weight loss.

630. One of my best friend’s having a son!

631. Taking Cedar and Genoa to the zoo.

632. Watching Cedar walk all around the zoo and being so fascinated with all the animals (he didn’t want to leave the elephant exhibit as it was the first one and he didn’t know there were more animals).

633. How light and cool my Bali Breeze wrap is.

634. Genoa in her little pink and white sun hat.

635. Kisses at the kitchen sink.

636. Roadside lupine in a Mason jar.

637. White windowsills.

638. A drainer emptied of clean dishes.

639. Breezes rusting through leaves.

640. My mom doing all the mending I haven’t gotten to yet…and rescuing one of my shirts that I thought was past repair.

641. A well-lit kitchen.

642. Bags of fresh greens from my mom’s greenhouse.

643. Being called mama.

644. Energy in spite of short nights.

645. Relaxing in bed with my little family on a Sunday morning.

646. An excellent and refreshing sermon.

647. Both kids behaving so well at the church service (it helped that we purposely arrived late so Cedar didn’t have sit still for the whole two hours).

648. The soft weight of a baby asleep on your chest.

649. Looking forward to having friends over for dinner.

650. Two quarts of dried morel mushrooms from my dad.



4 thoughts on “Counting

  1. #618 reminded me that I have that book and should read it again. Soon!
    How wonderful to have your Mom and sister visiting you; I’m sure you treasure the moments together. 🙂

  2. So many reasons to smile :-). 612 must be a standard post-partum event. With both kids, I wanted to get some shirt shopping in before my mom left ;-). It’s hard to shop with littles, especially a newborn, and especially if you actually want to try on the clothes instead of guess. And yay for post-partum weight loss! I know that’s exciting :-).

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