Counting again

651. Sweet fellowship.

652. Cedar playing so nicely with our friends’ little girl.

653. Couscous.

654. Parmesan garlic chicken.

655. A random drive and road-side picnic on one of Aaron’s days off.

656. Honey and peanut butter sandwiches.

657. Sweeping mountain vistas.

658. Cedar’s daily-expanding vocabulary.

659. Genoa sleeping with her hands curled under her face.

660. Grace for hard days.

661. How cleansing a good cry feels.

662. Discovering SunSurfer.

663. Cedar graduating from his highchair to a booster seat.

664. Aaron and Cedar working on my mom’s birthday present.

665. God’s protection of Cedar when he stepped on a nail, and then later, fell down some concrete steps.

666. Hearing about my in-laws’ trip to Hawaii.

667. Mini muffins.

668. Getting ready to go to my first Mother-Daughter event with Genoa…a Rose Garden Tea Party Brunch.

669. Early morning snuggles in bed with my babies after Daddy leaves for work.

670. Our Father’s constant provision.

671. Jiving (bank accounts) and discovering some money we didn’t know we had.

672. Cedar’s enjoyment in watching “Kipper”.

673. Finding one of Cedar’s board books in with my cookbooks.

674. Cedar trying to share his toys and books with Genoa.

675. Tandem nursing.

676. My little helper dusting my pots and pans.

677. Cedar putting the end of a teething necklace in his ear like an ear bud.

678. Going to bed early.

679. My mother-in-law’s skillet apple pie with freshly whipped cream.

680. Rearranging the living room.

681. The quiet of afternoon naps for a fussy baby and a whiny toddler.

682. “Sleep Sound in Jesus”.

683. Baby burps.

684. Grace to get through what was not one of my kids’ better days.

685. Baby sundresses.



2 thoughts on “Counting again

  1. Are you having nice weather down there now? Hope so! I love random picnics!
    BTW, I heard that M,M and R are down there visiting you right now. How fun!!

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