Beginning of summer gifts

686. Shared meals.

687. Celebrating National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

688. Sitting in the middle of the living room floor with Aaron, trying to get Genoa to smile.

689. Genoa randomly unlatching from nursing and almost smiling at me.

690. Nursing cuddles with both my babies.

691. The taste of raw honey.

692. Making challah for my love.

693. Cedar helping me make quesadillas for lunch and braid the challah.

694. My wraps allowing me to get stuff done despite Genoa wanting to be held all. the. time. and waking up if she’s laid down.

695. A yummy variation of our brussel sprout recipe.

696. How a walk to the mailbox is an exciting expedition when you’re a toddler.

697. Genoa starting to interact more and smile when she’s awake.

698. Going out for pizza with some friends that are visiting.

699. Both kids doing so well during our time at the restaurant.

700. Trader Joe’s Fire-Roasted Red and Yellow Peppers on buttered toast with goat cheese.

701. Little dimpled elbows.

702. Hanging laundry outside in the cool of mid-morning.

703. Genoa’s chubby cheeks.

704. Aaron calming Genoa down after she had been fussy all day.

705. Cedar “spying” on me (i.e. pushing open the curtain) while I was taking a shower.

706. Fresh blueberries.

707. The evenings being warm enough to have the windows open.

708. Genoa’s early morning hiccups stopping the instant I prayed for them to.

709. “Good morning, Mommy” baby smiles.

710. Cedar’s fascination with the dump truck delivering dirt for landscaping.

711. Genoa laughing at the ceiling fan (just like her brother used to!).

712. Getting the shower and tub scrubbed for the first time since before Genoa was born.

713. Dollar Days at the local used kid’s clothing store.

714. My sisters being here for Genoa’s baby shower.

715. Erin’s (my middle sister) amazing fruit arrangements.

716. So many sweet girly clothes.

717. A green ERGO.

718. Wallace’s Lists.

719. A barbeque with family and friends.

720. A breakfast feast of strata, sourdough cinnamon rolls and more.

721. Checks in the mail.

722. My new lawn/front yard.

723. Doing hair and sister talks.

724. Genoa napping so much better.

725. A husband who is an excellent father to his very strong-willed son (and to his little daughter too!).

726. Being able to pay our bills.

727. A big tan dimpled hand holding a small white dimpled hand.

728. Aaron giving me a “Summer Lovin'” Trader Joe’s sticker.

729. Ceiling fans.

730. Both my babies’ big blue eyes.



3 thoughts on “Beginning of summer gifts

  1. I had planned to celebrate National Chocolate Day too but we somehow ended up with Vanilla Caramel ice cream instead 😉

    Aww, your little Genoa is so adorable!! How fun to see her growing and smiling.

    *smiles* at #698.

    I’m sure you love having your sisters there and the girly time!

  2. Funny! I just wrote a lot of these gifts down today in my journal. God is so good to each of His children! Love you friend

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