Of baby clothes and waterfalls and things

(Due to a very busy Monday, this has become a Tuesday gift list…)

731. Summer evenings.

732. Sitting on the porch steps with my love and our babies.

733. Genoa’s expressive little face.

734. Leftover strata for supper.

735. Getting through a mound of paperwork.

736. Fresh herbs in a glass jar.

737. The mixing aromas of basil and dill.

738. Aaron and I getting our best time yet in a joint crossword puzzle.

739. Homemade chocolate pudding.

740. Freshly-squeezed mint lemonade.

741. Genoa’s silent laughs.

742. Cedar, leaning on the island counter, watching me work, after pushing a chair over and climbing up on it all by himself.

743. Garbled toddler sentences…

744. …peppered with random “woof, woof”s.

745. Cedar, of his own accord, recognizing and pointing out Aaron in an old family picture (without a beard and with very short hair).

746. Cedar doing so well with sitting quietly for Bible time…and sometimes wanting to read more.

747. Getting all the kids’ clothes, both stored and in use, reorganized, and developing a system I like for keeping them organized.

748. All the kids’ clothes that we’ve been given.

749. Being able to pass the extras on to others with new little ones.

750. Remembering when Cedar was a little baby…memories prompted by going through all our boy baby clothes.

751. Cedar putting his finger on Genoa’s lips and shushing her when she was fussing.

752. Going on a little family trip to Yosemite.

753. Hikes where each of us is wearing a baby.

754. Using and loving our new Ergo.

755. How my amazing Teva flip-flops can go anywhere…even over snowy trails.

756. My “crazy mommy skirt”.

757. How green and lush Yosemite Valley still was.

758. Amazing waterfalls.

759. People-watching.

760. Genoa’s new bouncy seat.

761. Children’s clothing hangers and the organization that they help to bring about.

762. Re-re-re-re-reading L.M. Montgomery.

763. Stone fruit season.

764. Cheap(er) no-spray fruit.

765. Carl Medearis’ Speaking of Jesus.

766. Making sourdough English muffins for the requested Eggs Benedict Father’s Day breakfast.

767. Meeting new people…hopefully to become friends.

768. Tomato, bacon and avocado salad.

769. Aaron and Cedar “swimming” for the first time this year.

770. Hugs from my little guy.

771. Cute swim diapers.

772. Cedar kissing Genoa so much.

773. Gingham little girl summer clothes.

774. Aaron getting groceries for me at Trader Joe’s and Costco.

775. Sara Groves’ music.

776. Little bites taken out of numerous occupants of a bowl of apricots while Mommy wasn’t looking.

777. How much Cedar loves peaches.

778. Genoa’s baby acne finally clearing up.

779. Aaron being able to take off work so we could go and sign Genoa’s birth certificate.

780. That He “gently lead(s) those who are with young” (Isaiah 40:11d).


4 thoughts on “Of baby clothes and waterfalls and things

  1. What kind of system do you use for storing baby clothes? I’m just starting to pack away my daughter’s first set of clothes, and am puzzling over the best way to store them to avoid sorting & re-sorting with the next baby!

    I too am loving our Ergo baby carrier!

    1. I currently don’t have much for Cedar to grow into so a big part of my reorganization process was going through the 0-18 months boy clothes and weeding out stuff we didn’t need (we were given SO many little boy clothes!) and then reorganizing it according to size. But, with stuff he’s growing out of now and the clothes that Genoa is going through, my system in theory is: keep a small tote for each child in their closet (also used to house office supplies, some home-canned goods, linens, etc.). When an item is outgrown, I throw it in that tote. When the tote is full, I plan to go through and repack it (either in that tote or another larger one) with the smaller-sized stuff on top and store it ready for the next child of that gender. It SHOULD work and keep things organized with big overhaul reorganizations at a minimum… 🙂

  2. I love our summer evenings; so nice!
    Tevas are awesome. I own 2 pair now 😉
    Someday, I’ll make it down to Yosemite!

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