Family gifts

781. Aaron home early from work, bringing me an iced mocha.

782. My Teva flip-flop tan.

783. Swimming with Aaron and Cedar in my in-laws’ pool (while Genoa cuddled with Grandma).

784. The delicious coolness of water after a hot day.

785. The best fried rice I’ve ever made.

786. Grilled chicken in the fridge (from grilling the night before) so I don’t need to turn on the oven in the heat.

787. Mercies that are new each morning.

788. Cedar snitching chocolate, only to be given away by his “mmm!”.

789. The combination of pink and brown.

790. Bright green baby fuzzy socks.

791. Cedar combing my hair.

792. How much enjoyment Cedar gets out of playing with my spices.

793. My sister-in-law finishing my birthday skirt.

794. Going out to a really nice restaurant with my love on one of our best dates yet.

795. Genoa doing so well at the restaurant and sleeping in the wrap through dinner.

796. A beautiful evening drive home.

797. Partial-freestone peaches (and how much easier they are to process than cling!).

798. Our dehydrator.

799. Cedar playing quietly on his own for part of my very busy day.

800. How much fun my kids are.

801. Half-gallon Mason jars full of fruit I dehydrated myself.

802. Recycled summer skirts.

803. Quiet days spent with my littles.

804. More Blueberry covers (Giraffes, Owls and Messy Hands)!

805. Quinoa salad (made like my Orzo Salad recipe except substituting quinoa cooked in chicken broth for the orzo…so yummy!).

806. Grilled chicken.

807. Chocolate mousse pie with a peppermint JoJos crust.

808. The Emerging Mummy blog.

809. Cedar talking to himself in bed about his new “bike” from Grandpa and Grandma Telian.

810. Wearing Genoa and being able to kiss her and smell her whenever I want.

811. Finally capturing Genoa’s smiles on video.

812. Talking with Aaron about our family.

813. What an amazing Daddy my love is.

814. Looking forward to time spent with good friends.

815. Cedar and Genoa watching each other while they both nurse.



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