Gifts in a little boy and his daddy

816. Getting the house back in order after having weekend company.

817. A rainy, foggy day.

818. Reminiscing with my love about our UK trip.

819. Stock-up shopping trips.

820. A Smoked Sea Salt Grinder (from Trader Joe’s…where else?!).

821. Getting to spend an unexpected day with Aaron.

822. Parenting.

823. Cedar saying “Hi Daddy” so clearly…over and over again.

824. Getting wear Genoa while shopping.

825. Cedar’s obsession with his water bottle.

826. Getting to sleep in until 8:30!

827. Cedar spending part of the morning “helping” Grandpa Donald.

828. Genoa in the laundry basket with the clean diapers.

829. Quinoa.

830. Cedar getting so excited when Aaron comes home.

831. A happy little boy.

832. That baby spit-up washes out of clothes so well.

833. The milky smell of baby breath.

834. Peaceful evenings.

835. Ergo snuggles with Cedar.

836. New pens.

837. A gracious husband when I have a bad attitude

838. Sitting on our lawn with my love and our babies in the cool of the evening.

839. Eclair pie.

840. How Cedar is so into his daddy…showing me Daddy’s chair, Daddy’s socks, etc.

841. New words every day.

842. How easily our inflatable bed sets up for guests.

843. Our grill…and my hot and amazing grilling husband.

844. An overnight visit from Max and Jenny and their little ones, some good friends visiting California from Oklahoma.

845. Good conversations…on religion and philosophy and babies and cloth diapers.

846. Store-bought tomatoes that actually taste pretty good (only a couple more weeks until we have our own from the garden!).

847. Homemade fish tacos.

848. Taking a walk with Max and Jenny where each of us was either wearing or pushing a little one.

849. Friends whose kids wake up as early as ours do.

850. Croissant French toast.

851. Cedar wanting to hold my hand in the when he saw Aaron doing so…

852. …and then kissing my hand after Aaron demonstrated.

853. Sunshine-coloured ruffled rompers.

854. Air-conditioning.

855. Lavash chips.

856. Onions on freshly-grilled burgers.

857. Aaron and Max taking the little boys for a swim.

858. How much Cedar loved Graham (Max and Jenny’s two-year-old).

859. Sunday afternoon naps.

86o. Freshly-picked cherries…gleaming like rubies.



One thought on “Gifts in a little boy and his daddy

  1. I am looking forward to our own tomatoes in a few weeks too!
    Eclair pie? Do you have a recipe?
    This long list put a big smile on my face 🙂

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