Of picnics and eye doctors

861.  A family picnic just before the fireworks.

862. Our new Trader Joe’s cooler bag.

863. Getting to see and talk to lots of people.

864. How well Cedar and Genoa both did with staying out way past their bedtimes and all the noise from people and fireworks.

865. Walking the trail from the firework-watching rock in the dark with my love and our babies.

866. Headlamps.

867. Cedar almost falling asleep in the backpack.

868. The quiet of our house after everyone else was asleep and I was making Aaron’s lunch, doing dishes, etc.

869. How nursing (usually) calms everyone…especially an overtired toddler.

870. A homemade chocolate milkshake with my lunch…cold, protein and chocolate.

871. Little puffed sleeves.

872. Walking Genoa to sleep with Cedar on my back in the Ergo.

873. Andrew Peterson still on shuffle.

874. Learning not to focus on the “what-ifs”, but to trust our Father.

875. Cedar’s “Bye-bye, Daddy” in the morning.

876. My love choosing to spend the coming weekend with us instead of going backpacking with friends.

877. No-Bake Chocolate Cake…with extra salt.

878. Israeli Wonder Salad.

879. Burt’s Bees Sugar Beet & Grapefruit Shampoo.

880. The fragrance of my babies’ heads.

881. Cedar’s excitement over his new cup.

882. A new anklet made by my sister-in-law.

883. Aaron picking me a bouquet of roadside sweet peas.

884. The best whipped cream I’ve ever made (to go with the No-Bake Chocolate Cake).

885. Two boxes of organic semi-freestone yellow peaches.

886. Cedar’s “Good job, Daddy!” sign.

887. Grilled sourdough pizzas.

888. The combination of mushrooms and onions.

889. Learning to “love mercy” (Micah 6:8).

890. Visiting with another sister-in-law and her boyfriend.

891. Eye doctors. (Note to all disposable contact lens wearers: do NOT try to stretch how long you’re to wear a set of contacts for [i.e. a two-week pair to six weeks…or even two months!]. Doing so could cause corneal abrasion, possibly even a corneal ulcer. Guess how I know?!)

892. Breastmilk in my eye.

893. Learning to be thankful for my glasses even when I hate them.

894. A whole weekend together as just our little family.

895. An Armenian feast made by my brother-in-law.

896. Samaritan’s Ministries checks starting to come in for Genoa’s birth.

897. Encouraging words from someone we don’t even know.

898. Inside jokes with my husband.

899. How much Genoa loves her daddy walking her.

900. My amazing husband offering to me process peaches.

901. Reading on the couch with my love and our baby.

902. Sunday morning breakfast of sourdough pancakes topped with butter, maple syrup, vanilla whipped cream and fresh peaches.

903. A good fiction book to read…The Wednesday Letters.

904. Cedar coming to “tell” me stuff all the time.

905. Little pink bloomers.

906. My smart my little boy is…recognizing “dirty” his Pooh “D” book and saying it.

907. Cedar’s little golden curls at the back of his head.

908. Finding some books I’ve been looking for at the library book sale.

909. Trader Joe’s Organic Banana Chips.

910. The start of a busy week.



One thought on “Of picnics and eye doctors

  1. I love how curly little kids’ hair can get in the back!

    I hope your eye heals wells!

    Mmm, mushrooms and onions. Love them!

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