Emerging Mummy

I usually am not a huge fan of blog posts that are just a list of links to other people’s posts…but sometimes there are exceptional cases.

Thanks to a friend‘s link on Facebook, about a month ago I discovered the Emerging Mummy blog and have been reading ever since.  There are a few blogs that I come away from reading and just feel refreshed and encouraged and this is definitely one of them.  Sarah (the Emerging Mummy) has three littles, one of whom was born just a couple weeks before Genoa, and her posts on motherhood so often say what I’m discovering in this amazingly raw journey of being a mama.  I’ve been sharing quite a few of her posts on Facebook, but I wanted to compile some of my favourites here.  So if you’re a mama, or even if you’re not, I highly recommend reading some of these posts and being encouraged.  Enjoy!

In which I choose to feast; this is Kingdom Come – This spoke so clearly of one of the biggest lessons I’ve been learning in the past months…taking my focus off all the things that I think “need” to be done and just enjoying my babies.

In which I promise not to call myself fat – Now that I have a daughter, this one really hit home.  Along with not defining myself by certain aspects of my appearance, I need to remember that how I view myself will largely colour how my daughter views herself…and she’s beautiful.

In which this is the road to the front porch – A cute post about marriage.

In which we’re eating and praying and loving right here – Finding joy in the life that you’re living.

In which we have the night – The joys of having your baby sleep with you.

In which Osama bin Laden is dead – An excellent perspective on how Christians need to respond to this issue.

In which I learn there’s joy in enough – Joy in contentment.

In which I don’t care in the tinies know about the Romans Road – A pretty self-explanatory title…


The Hope of the World – This isn’t from the Emerging Mummy blog, but is a post for A Deeper Story that Sarah wrote and I thought was excellent.


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