Gifts in marriage

1001. Unexpected, long kisses from my love.

1002. Being back in our own bed again.

1003. Cedar and Genoa both taking long, very-needed naps at the same time.

1004. Cedar pretending that part of his peanut butter and honey sandwich is a car.

1005. Dusty pink blooms on my windowsill.

1006. My kitchen filled with the scent of roses.

1007. Homemade burritos.

1008. Fresh cilantro.

1009. Finally getting my own copy of The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy by Shonda Parker (after trying to find a reasonably-priced one for a long time).

1010. Genoa sucking/chewing on her chubby little hand.

1011. Encouraging words from another mommy of littles.

1012. How much Cedar loves fresh blackberries.

1013. A quinoa-beet-brussel sprout-chicken “salad” that turned out super yummy despite its thrown-together-ness.

1014. Learning how to branch out and experiment more with salads…and having some pretty tasty results.

1015. Cedar telling me that I’m “pretty” (along with the sunset and Genoa).

1016. How much fun it is to watch Cedar learn how to talk.

1017. Reading Cooking Outside the Box.

1018. Half-asleep, four-in-the-morning cuddles.

1019. Reading old chats and e-mails from when Aaron and I were courting/engaged.

1020. Cedar moving his bed across the library floor with him in it, so that he can turn on the keyboard to bang on while he’s supposed to be napping.

1021. Young wives encouraging one another.

1022. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse’s Great White pizza.

1023. Getting the first four Narnia Radio Theatre CDs for free.

1024. Finding $10 nursing camis.

1025. Learning (for what seems to be the millionth time) that God’s timing is always better than ours.

1026. A husband who helps me answer hard e-mails.

1027. Genoa watching me while she nurses (sometimes so intently that she forgets to nurse).

1028. How much extra sleep you get when your baby sleeps with you.

1029. How encouraging and calming Sons of Korah’s music is.

1030. Cedar’s current obsession with Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.

1031. How much Cedar loves butter.

1032. Replacing our dwindling supply of drinking glasses with a bunch of pint Mason jars.

1033. Making out with my husband on the living room couch.

1034. Cedar thinking it’s hilarious to put his bucket over his arm and then run round and round the island, laughing hysterically.

1035. Watching my love play Goaltimate.

1036. Discovering how well a certain one of my shirts works for nursing.

1037. Learning how to play Black Jack.

1038. Blackberry cobbler swimming in cream.

1039. Reading The Commonsense Kitchen.

1040. Getting new glasses (that I can see clearly through and that don’t make me look tired all the time!).

1041. Watching “Kung Fu Panda” with my husband and some friends.

1042. Adding a new bouquet to my dried roses collection.

1043. An unexpected rainstorm.

1044. The YLCF team expanding (and becoming the “post editor”).

1045. Learning that, at this season of my life, true love often looks like working as a team to get fussy babies to bed and then sleepily cuddling before drifting off into exhaustion.



3 thoughts on “Gifts in marriage

  1. Fresh cilantro. the best thing ever!!
    “1025. Learning (for what seems to be the millionth time) that God’s timing is always better than ours.”

    I could echo that blessing/gift/lesson many times this past week….

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