Coffee and flowers

1046. Stargazer lilies and an iced mocha from my love.

1047. A star-gazing trampoline date.

1048. A free-form quiche made with spinach, ham and asiago cheese.

1049. Genoa standing on my lap.

1050. How much Genoa loves watching Cedar.

1051. Joining Pinterest

1052. …and all the beauty I’m finding…and recipes…and ideas.

1053. Watching Cedar enjoy the finger paint I made for him.

1054. My husband’s yummy banana milkshakes.

1055. How much Aaron loves the food I make.

1056. A supper of quinoa chicken salad and skillet apples.

1057. Fresh tomatoes from our garden.

1058. An impromptu family hike.

1059. How much Cedar loves being read to.

1060. My first big shopping trip with my littles by myself going so well.

1061. Being told that I have my hands full…and knowing that they’re full of very good things.

1062. Writing a blog post about how love changes as your marriage grows and then editing two YLCF posts about the same thing…I think God is trying to teach me something!

1063. A weekend with my sisters and a friend.

1064. After much deliberation and price-comparing, finally ordering a quarter of grass-fed beef from Alderspring Ranch.

1065. Coming away from the library book sale with bags of books.

1066. A birthday dinner for my sister-in-law.

1067. Seeing how excited she was when her boyfriend surprised her by showing up in the middle of the meal.

1068. A late-night walk with “the girls”.

1069. Homemade English muffins for breakfast.

1070. Meeting another tandem-nursing mama at church.

1071. Playing Locale.

1072. How much Cedar loved playing in the lake.

1073. Fresh beets from the garden.

1074. Talking about parenting with Aaron.

1075. An iced hazelnut-cinnamon latte.



One thought on “Coffee and flowers

  1. I just posted a quiche recipe today. Funny 🙂
    I love stargazing and thus miss our trampoline!
    I picked a few cream sausage tomatoes and little yellow ones today. I am so excited about ripe tomatoes now. (if only i was as excited about all the one ball squash too)

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