Gifts in life together

1076. Picking blackberries with my little family.

1077. Early morning sunlight.

1078. Aaron holding both Cedar and Genoa while they all watch “Bob the Builder” on Aaron’s laptop.

1079. Organizing the freezers (upright and above the refrigerator).

1080. Fresh beans from our garden.

1081. Ordering a teething necklace for Genoa.

1082. How much Cedar’s being-read-to attention span has grown.

1083. Finally finding some flower headbands for Genoa.

1084. Dark chocolate cream cheese brownies.

1085. Talking with Aaron about the different places we would like to move to.

1086. Thinking about how, Lord willing, I get to spend the rest of my life with Aaron and all the amazing adventures we’ll have together.

1087. Seeing the daughter of a friend baptized.

1088. Randomly coming across a very funny blog.

1089. Finding out that a blog post I was unsure about encouraged someone.

1090. A friend’s post relating her struggle with feeling beautiful as a nursing mommy…since I struggle with the exact same thing.

1091. Crispy edges on pancakes.

1092. Giving Cedar piggy-back rides.

1093. Cedar figuring out how to close the buckles on the Ergo.

1094. Finding out that “Tummy Time” maybe isn’t as important as I thought (since both my babies rarely ever officially get it).

1095. Bowls heaped high with watermelon.

1096. Cedar and Genoa in their matching Hawaiian outfits from Grandpa and Grandma Telian.

1097. Grocery shopping with Genoa (while Cedar stayed with Aaron).

1098. Find a shirt for me and an outfit (3T!) for Cedar at Costco.

1099. How much Cedar loves his new coat (also from Costco).

1100. Banana chocolate peanut butter smoothies.

1101. Celebrating my brother-in-law’s graduation.

1102. Talking with other moms in the church nursery.

1103. Conversations with my love about how to best encourage each other and keep each other accountable with different things.

1104. Realizing anew how amazing marriage is, on so many levels.

1105. Lazy Sunday afternoons, spent with my little family.

1106. Bio-Kleen Bac-Out and how well it takes out stains.

1107. Being able to mend my favourite skirt so that the little hole right in the front is hardly visible anymore.

1108. Leftovers of my version of beef stroganoff.

1109. Knowing I’m providing the best possible food for both my babies (through nursing).

1110. How good-looking my husband is.



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