Gifts in sickness and in health

1111. A yummy Mexican salad for lunch.

1112. Visiting the local historic village.

1113. Doing two crosswords with Aaron and beating our record anew.

1114. The feature I just discovered on Gmail that keeps all my unread e-mails at the top of the page.

1115. Chatting with a new mommy and passing on what I’ve learned in my brief time as a mama…in the same way that my friends chatted with me when I was a new mommy.

1116. Cedar banging on the keyboard when he’s supposed to be napping and then turning it off as he hears us coming.

1117. Early mornings that are now cool enough to drink tea in.

1118. Sunset walks.

1119. Cedar repeating sentences word-by-word.

1120. Looking forward to a fun weekend of visiting friends and going to a birthday party.

1121. The anticipation of an afternoon spent with a good friend and our combination of four kids under two.

1122. Cedar saying “Go, Dog. Go!” when he picks out that book.

1123. Genoa in her little brown sweater.

1124. Nights where you sleep so well that you wake up in the morning knowing that you nursed your baby, but having no memory of it.

1125. Followed by a night where your restless baby kept you up a lot, but at least you have a baby to be restless.

1126. Mommy talks.

1127. Getting to see a friend’s new baby.

1128. Having Aaron’s parents over for dinner.

1129. My mother-in-law’s mocha panna cotta.

1130. Cedar being so good (mostly) when Aaron and I were both sick with bad colds.

1131. Finally having a successful trip to the potty after Cedar told us he had to go (he has often told us he had to go, but we never made it to the potty in time).

1132. Cedar sitting in a chair, looking at books on the coffee table.

1133. Remembering three years ago when I first got a random message on from this guy I had never heard of before…and now I’m married to him and we have two kids!

1134. An impromptu dance during supper…Aaron with Genoa and Cedar with me.

1135. Kisses shared when we each are holding one of our babies.

1136. Grace and strength to get through a night of being up with Genoa almost every hour.

1137. Learning to trust God’s timing when we had to cancel our plans for our fun weekend with friends because of being sick.

1138. A freezer stocked full of good grassfed beef.

1139. Watching “Rio” with Aaron and Cedar.

1140. Getting through both of us being sick at the same time.

1141. Lemon-honey tea.

1142. Spoonfuls of raw honey to calm my cough.

1143. Sitting on the couch with my love and our babies, relishing feeling human again.

1144. How Genoa tracks me all the time.

1145. Placing a co-op order.



2 thoughts on “Gifts in sickness and in health

  1. I was just thinking that I want to get back into drinking hot tea in the mornings now that the morning air is cooler.

    Sorry to hear that you and Aaron were both so sick =/
    I hope you both are feeling good again.

    I’ve been trying to get more echinacea and elderberry tincture made up so we have it on hand for this winter when we’re more susceptible to colds.

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