Gifts in a little boy and his stuffed animals

1146. Dancing with Aaron around the living room to samba music (and no, we don’t know how to samba…yet).

1147. An hour-long trampoline date.

1148. Cleaning and getting caught up on laundry after being sick.

1149. How mopping with essential oils acts like a diffuser.

1150. Getting to see some friends for lunch.

1151. A pasta salad that I threw together turning out so well.

1152. Relaxing (while the kids napped) in a clean house full of clean laundry.

1153. Aaron and I taking Cedar for a quick canoe ride.

1154. Cedar’s utter enjoyment of playing in the shallows of the lake.

1155. Sunset clouds all around.

1156. Aaron holding me on the couch before he left for work.

1157. How it seems like everything will be okay, as long as you’re in your love’s arms.

1158. Genoa sucking her thumb, putting herself to sleep while I got Cedar ready for his nap.

1159. Cedar asking for a piece of grilled chicken I was cutting and then proceeding to “feed” it to his stuffed dog.

1160. Reading books with my little guy.

1161. Cedar giving his stuffed bear piggy back rides.

1162. Being encouraged by Scripture.

1163. Aaron liking a meal that I threw together out of an almost empty refrigerator.

1164. Wiping down the refrigerator.

1165. Cedar wearing his stuffed dog in a “wrap” (his blanket).

1166. Eighteen purple roses from my love…and garlic (he knows me well!).

1167. My “new” rocking chair (found on Craigslist).

1168. Some fun food from Trader Joe’s.

1169. Replenishing the refrigerator.

1170. How much Genoa likes being rocked to sleep.

1171. The bright yellow of pastured organic butter.

1172. How it seems like everything is better when Aaron gets home.

1173. Friends who are also young parents…and how we all understand if we’re all so tired if we don’t “do anything” when they come to visit.

1174. Creamy French toast casserole.

1175. Mocha cheesecake bars.

1176. Sweeping in the quiet evening.

1177. My rocking chair nook.

1178. How effective my Nosefrida “snotsucker” is.

1179. Seeing pictures of a friend’s wedding…so happy for her, but wishing I could have been there!

1180. My wonderfully sweet husband who takes such good care of me when I’m very tired and still getting over being sick.



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