Gifts in my amazing husband

1181. Shawn Groves’ song “All is Grace“.

1182. Learning to have grace for myself and for my littles.

1183. Chocolate ice cream topped with (decaf) coffee grounds.

1184. Playing Blackjack with my husband and a friend while I rock my baby.

1185. Bruschetta pasta.

1186. Giving away tomatoes.

1187. The spicy scent of just-picked basil.

1188. How one $3 pot of starts from Trader Joe’s can turn into SO. MUCH. BASIL.

1189. Washing machines…so I don’t have to wash my husband’s mud-coated work clothes by hand.

1190. An experiment in peach cheesecake bars that was very yummy, but needs some work on texture.

1191. My in-law’s peach tree fruiting very late, but with very good peaches.

1192. A new living room set-up…my favourite so far.

1193. Unpacking our Azure order.

1194. Learning to not be too disappointed that my natural “Nutella” was the only thing that didn’t come.

1195. Kettle Sweet Onion chips.

1196. Oatmeal with butter and maple syrup.

1197. Spending the afternoon at the lake with my little family.

1198. Playing in the sand with Cedar.

1199. Learning an ab exercise you can do while bouncing/walking your baby to sleep.

1200. How excited Cedar was to see Aaron across the parking lot at the Farmers’ Market.

1201. A spur-of-the-moment trip to go out to eat.

1202. A buy-one-get-one-free entree coupon at Macaroni Grill.

1203. Getting to try a mussel for the first time.

1204. Costco having my new contacts in stock.

1205. Going yard-sailing…and how gracious my husband was to drive me around to so many different places.

1206. Finding lots of “new” dresses for Genoa to wear and grow into.

1207. A Cedar-sized rocking chair.

1208. Little boy tools for Cedar to “work” with while Daddy is working in the shop.

1209. Grace for starting to wean.

1210. Going to a friends’ house for supper.

1211. Sharing and encouraging between friends.

1212. Chocolate toffee torte.

1213. How amazing Cedar did with being out late on hardly any naps.

1214. Cedar’s fascination with watching the moon (“boom”) on our way home…and how he figured out to look out the side window when he couldn’t see it anymore out the front.

1215. Aaron making lunch.

1216. Good talks with my love.

1217. Genoa in her “new” purple gingham sundress.

1218. My husband’s almond muffins.

1219. Discussing what do for exercise with Aaron and how giving he is of his time to help me.

1220. Cedar going down for a nap without crying, despite not getting to nurse before naps anymore.


One thought on “Gifts in my amazing husband

  1. I love the smell of basil and like you, I can’t help but list a lot of “food related” blessings each week 🙂

    I love TJ’s basil; that’s how we grow ours too! 🙂

    Our peaches are very late this year but there aren’t many to speak of… I am anxious for our plums to ripen; should be another week or two!

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