Gifts in a little boy and his baby sister

(This gift list is a little late since I spent Monday visiting and recovering from driving 16 hours through the night to see my parents…next week’s list might be a little late too!)

1221. Watching Cedar and Genoa interact and how much they love each other.

1222. Cedar giving Genoa a shoulder rub.

1223. Dinner with a new friend.

1224. Fajitas made with incredibly tender beef.

1225. Quiet.

1226. The yummy flavour that red wine gives to beef and mushroom dishes.

1227. Cedar getting so messy from the smoothie “like Daddy’s”…but watching his utter enjoyment of drinking it (and his EIO cup made it so easy for him to drink himself).

1228. Cedar making his water cup and his smoothie cup “cheers!” each other.

1229. Chicken curry with spinach and tomatoes.

1230. Having Aaron’s sister over for supper.

1231. Mommy chats.

1232. Cedar going in the potty two times in a row.

1233. Figuring out travel plans.

1234. The possibility of thunderstorms.

1235. A Mayan Mocha brought to me by my love from a local coffee shop.

1236. Getting to have long phone chats with two different friends in the same day.

1237. Sitting outside on the porch with my littles during and after a short rainstorm.

1238. How much Cedar enjoyed the rain.

1239. His delighted “wain?!”

1240. Cool rain-scented breezes blowing through our hot, stuffy house.

1241. How Genoa can comfortably wear newborn dresses and nine-month dresses and everything in between.

1242. Genoa in her striped seersucker strawberry dress.

1243. A lunch that used up lots of leftovers.

1244. Using up food before a trip.

1245. Cedar’s delight in pockets.

1246. Chubby baby thighs.

1247. How much Genoa curls her toes.

1248. How versatile and convenient white onesies are.

1249. Cedar and his beloved drill.

1250. A meal of steak, potatoes and green beans…putting a flavourful twist on a typical meal.

1251. Watching my love and other men work at a friend’s house-raising.

1252. Sharing life with friends.

1253. A dirty little boy turning into a clean one.

1254. A husband who is so gracious and patient with his stressed-out wife.

1255. Everything coming together to leave (ahead of schedule!) despite me thinking that it wouldn’t.

1256. A very yummy barbecue chicken pizza with cilantro pesto…not your typical gas station restaurant food!

1257. Genoa finally falling asleep after crying for several hours in her car seat.

1258. A stormy sunset over majestic mountains.

1259. How well both the kids did with the drive through the night.

1260. Driving in the wee hours of the morning while my husband and babies slept.

1261. My amazing husband driving for 15 of the 16 hours.

1262. Seeing my parents again.

1263. My dad meeting Genoa.

1264. How much Cedar loves “Dappa” (Grandpa).

1265. Amazing artichoke heart and sun-dried tomato chicken pasta.


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