Gifts in three generations

1266. Visiting places that I often went while growing up.

1267. Hiking with my little family and my parents.

1268. Cedar throwing rocks in the water with Grandpa.

1269. Eating whortleberries again.

1270. Genoa in her pink and brown crocheted hat.

1271. Cedar helping Grandpa make waffles.

1272. Clear mountain streams.

1273. Sunlight on rippling water.

1274. Wild raspberries.

1275. Unexpected green mossy hollows.

1276. My mom’s homemade granola bars.

1277. Three generations of girls pictures.

1278. Storm clouds over mountains.

1279. Walking in the rain with my love.

1280. Raindrop-sprinkled kisses.

1281. Homemade salsa.

1282. Lanes through trees.

1283. That the snake Cedar stepped on was just a harmless grass snake and not a rattler.

1284. Bacon on pizza.

1285. Meeting friends for an afternoon in the park…two days in a row (different sets of friends though).

1286. Going down a twisty slide with two little boys in my lap.

1287. Sweet fellowship.

1288. Revel bars.

1289. Seeing little kids that I babysat and taught ballet too all grown-up now.

1290. Cedar swinging with Grandpa.

1291. Grassfed grilled hamburgers.

1292. A late-night heart-to-heart with my mom.

1293. Pillows to help keep me upright when sitting up all night with my stuffy-nosed baby.

1294. Grace for nights (in the plural!) where you hardly get any sleep.

1295. Meeting my cousin and his girlfriend for supper on our drive home.

1296. That the skirt Genoa chose to poop on while traveling was already mustard-coloured.

1297. That Genoa’s fever never got above 101 degrees while we were traveling in the middle-of-nowhere Nevada.

1298. Hyland’s Colic Tablets.

1299. Aaron doing such an amazing job at driving so much of the trip.

1300. Being home in my little cottage in the mountains.



4 thoughts on “Gifts in three generations

  1. Middle of no-where Nevada seems to be notorious for bad things to happen….. we were on our way home from ID last July and my dad was so very sick! We ended up spending the night in a hotel despite our intentions to camp (it rained too!)

    I’m sure you had an amazing time with your family 🙂 And have lots of pictures too of those special moments!

    Are whortleberries like huckleberries? I’ve heard there aren’t any blackberries in ID… or at least no tenacious native ones like we have here!

    1. No, whortleberries are very different from huckleberries. They’re very, very small and round and are usually a dark orange colour. The plants grow as ground cover. Because they’re so small you have to pick a lot of them to get enough to eat, but they’re so good! 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply. I had been curious about whortleberries for a long time! It sounds like they are worth picking 🙂
        I want to pick huckleberries sometime too; hopefully next summer if we’re back up in ID

  2. It sounds like you had a great visit with your parents! And the way that you describe Cedar’s interaction with his Grandpa is adorable!

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