Of aprons

My current apron

My good friend, Gretchen, hosted “Apron Week at the Little Pink House” on her blog last week and it was so much fun to read all of her apron posts and enjoy seeing all her cute aprons.  The last post of the week was one for a great giveaway and a linky for an apron blog carnival…and thankfully it was open all of this week so I was finally able to participate (my internet time in the last week and a half has been very limited!).   I’ve always loved aprons and the chance to ramble on about them sounds like fun!

My apron collection over the years hasn’t been very extensive, but they’ve all been well-loved. I’m always on the lookout for cute ones and there are many online that I drool over.  If I remember correctly, my first apron was one that my mom made me…I think it was a light blue-and-white plaid, trimmed with white and with blue ribbon ties.  I faintly remember that my favourite part was the pocket on the front…

When I was in my early teens, I decided that I would make myself an apron.  No pattern, no real idea of what I was doing, but I wanted an apron of my own (having long since grown out of my first one).  I traced the basic shape on some seafoam-coloured cotton twill that my mom had and cut it out.  I edged it with white piping (rather sloppily!) and used the piping to make over-the-shoulder straps.  It fastened at the waist with a metal button.  And I loved it!  It saw me through many years and in several different kitchens and was my faithful companion as I came into my own in cooking.  It is now living with one of my dear friends in New Zealand.

My current apron is the one pictured above.  Purchased off Etsy last year with some birthday money, when not in use, it hangs on some cupboard knobs over my refrigerator, adding even more colour to my yellow kitchen.  It’s reversible and I have one side for cooking (the one showing) and one side for cleaning.  I love the crazy vintage fabric on the cooking side and am often thankful for the double thickness of having a reversible apron since I’m constantly wiping my hands on my apron while cooking.  It is definitely a beloved member of my kitchen and I hope it finds some friends soon.

I could go on about how feminine and domestic I feel when wearing an apron, and how I wish they were as much a part of my wardrobe as they would have been a hundred years ago, but my babies will be waking up soon and I need to link this up to the carnival.  One of my favourite parts of Gret’s posts have been all the great apron quotes she collected and posted and so I’m going to steal one from her to close this…as usual, L.M. Montgomery says it best.

Diana…wore her afternoon pink print and a lawn apron fearfully and wonderfully ruffled and frilled; and very neat and pretty and rosy she was.
~Anne of Avonlea

Apron Week at the Little Pink House


5 thoughts on “Of aprons

  1. Your current apron is really cute and darling 🙂
    One of my favorite aprons is reversible and made by my friend Meg… given to me on my 21st birthday!
    It has watermelons (pink/green) and flowers on the other side (pink and white)
    I use it daily.

  2. The reversible apron idea is so practical–love it! And of course, you are adorable in your bright, cheery apron. 😉 Why did I not know you, too, have a yellow kitchen?! Yay for yellow kitchens and aprons. 😉

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