Of little boy clothes and cooler weather

1301. Unpacking and putting everything back to rights.

1302. Cedar’s first haircut.

1303. Sleep.

1304. An accomplished morning in spite of needing more sleep.

1305. Filling our fridge again.

1306. A supper of yummy bread, good cheese and fresh fruit.

1307. Finding good deals on winter clothes for Cedar.

1308. Little boy zip-off trousers…so he can be just like Daddy.

1309. Anticipating cooler weather so we can get out of our summer clothes.

1310. A cute striped maternity shirt to add to the collection for next time.

1311. Dinner at my in-law’s house.

1312. Encouraging words from a mama of many.

1313. Going to my brother-in-law’s band’s first concert.

1314. Being awakened in the morning by a kiss.

1315. Dozing between my babies in bed, nursing one and then the other, while listening to the rain outside the open windows.

1316. Cedar falling asleep in our bed after his morning nursing.

1317. How Cedar is starting to string words together.

1318. Avocados.

1319. Going the local Tomato Festival.

1320. Tomato taste-testing.

1321. Walking and exploring together, with Genoa in the Ergo and Cedar in the backpack.

1322. Finding an unexpected park.

1323. Cedar going down the slide all by himself.

1324. His chubby little face peeking through portholes in the tunnels.

1325. Eating outside on our patio.

1326. Drinking Blue Lady tea while reading to my littles.

1327. Cedar putting his arm around Genoa while they were sitting next to each other.

1328. Genoa’s chubbiness in her BabyLegs.

1329. The best pizza I’ve ever made.

1330. The evening being cool enough to actually use the oven for supper.

1331. A morning cool enough for long skirts, sweaters, oatmeal and hot tea.

1332. Looking forward to having some new friends over for supper.

1333. Gretchen’s super-helpful “Understanding the New Facebook” post.

1334. Looking at different friends’ pictures of England and remembering our trip there exactly two years ago.

1335. The beginning of autumn.



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