Garden vegetables, lessons and memories

1336. Remembering meeting my love for the first time (in person).

1337. Three amazing and full years together.

1338. Eggplant parmesan from our own fresh eggplant.

1339. How much better nutritional/brewer’s yeast makes tomato-based dishes taste.

1340. Making pesto.

1341. Eating from our garden.

1342. How fresh tomatoes make almost anything taste better.

1343. A pear cranberry galette…very yummy in spite of kind of falling apart.

1344. Continuing to learn how to be even more vulnerable with my husband.

1345. What an amazing songwriter my husband is.

1346. A quick morning trip into town to get produce.

1347. Discovering that one of the local stores (since Trader Joe’s is an hour away) has pretty good prices on organic produce.

1348. A bag of six organic kiwis for the price of a single conventional one.

1349. Shopping with my babies.

1350. How adorable Cedar looks in his “new” overalls.

1351. That Genoa’s clogged tear duct is finally healed.

1352. Learning and growing in marriage.

1353. Learning and growing in parenting.

1354. Being able to talk to and get good advice from my mom.

1355. Aaron teaching me cribbage (my new favourite game!).

1356. Yummy skillet vegetable medleys…taken mostly from our waning garden.

1357. An adorable new apron…a gift from my sweet husband for my “fall baking”.

1358. A dozen red “Happy Fall” roses from my love.

1359. Being able to go out by myself for an hour or so to run some little errands while Aaron stayed home with our napping babies.

1360. Fun books from the book sale…$3 a bag, but half price for us since Aaron helped set up.

1361. Cute jeans for Genoa.

1362. BabyLegs at a great price.

1363. An unexpected phone call from a friend.

1364. Reading with my love.

1365. Cedar doing so well at church.

1366. Find Tevas 40% off when I already needed some new ones soon.

1367. Dreaming with my love of places we could move to.

1368. Lots of energy despite being up quite a bit with a fussy baby.

1369. Early morning editing with my little girl.

1370. A clean house.



3 thoughts on “Garden vegetables, lessons and memories

  1. Really cute new apron! Sur la Table has the best.
    I had a clogged tear duct for the first year of my life, then I had surgery for it. Did Genoa have to have any advanced procedures like that?

    1. Sorry it took so long to reply, Delaney! No, thankfully Genoa didn’t have to have surgery or anything like that for her clogged tear duct. According to your mom (we talked about it and she told me about your issue with it when you were little :)), the surgery isn’t necessary until the baby is around 18 months old, so that motivated me to really keep at trying to clear it before then. And thankfully, it worked and God healed her of it! 🙂

  2. My sis made eggplant Parmesan for us this past week too 🙂 And my mom made us pesto as well.

    Your new apron is really cute. Love the colors! Very feminine as well.

    You are so blessed 🙂

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