Gifts from a busy week

Even though I do know that it’s actually two days after Monday, I still like to add the “multitudes on mondays” button at the bottom of the list because if I didn’t my OCD-ness would freak out because this list would be different from the other ones. !!!  My excuse for the tardiness is that we had a super busy weekend traveling to the coast for Aaron’s cousin’s wedding and we didn’t get home until late Monday evening.  Then there was groceries to put away, stuff to unpack and tired babies to put to bed.  And I spent yesterday doing FIVE loads of laundry, plus diapers, finishing unpacking and trying to put my house back together since we left in kind of a rush.  So there you go.  But don’t worry, this list only goes through Monday…so that way it’s still not different than the other ones.  Whew.

1371. Pumpkin spice candles.

1372. Cedar and Aaron running manly errands together.

1373. Having Aaron’s sister and her boyfriend over for supper.

1374. Quiet days following busier ones.

1375. Rain, rain and more rain.

1376. The first fire (in the woodstove) of the season.

1377. Pumpkin pie cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

1378. Honey mustard lentil and ham soup.

1379. Our little cottage…so cozy in the rainy cold.

1380. My white IKEA candle lanterns glowing vanilla-scented light in the morning.

1381. My love making me tea.

1382. Close friends getting engaged.

1383. An impromptu fun trip into town…no grocery shopping at all!

1384. Good discussions in the van with Aaron.

1385. All the fun good-quality toys they now have at Barnes & Noble…so many things I wanted to buy for Cedar and Genoa.

1386. How much fun Cedar had wandering around Barnes & Noble.

1387. A simple supper at Panera.

1388. Trading sandwich halves with my love.

1389. A free pumpkin spice latte because of Aaron’s Panera Rewards card.

1390. Driving home through a lovely dusk.

1391. Genoa watching me with her huge blue eyes while she falls asleep in my arms.

1392. How much joy Genoa’s smiles bring to so many random people we meet.

1393. Scarf weather.

1394. Wearing my merinos.

1395. Having our Australian friend over for dinner and learning so much about that amazing country.

1396. How patient my husband is with me.

1397. The beauty of organic produce.

1398. Spending time at the beach as our little family.

1399. Nursing Genoa in a little secluded stairwell between shops.

1400. Driving around the redwoods for an hour so the kids would nap.

1401. The random little dewy garden outside the rehearsal dinner location.

1402. An excellent breakfast prepared by Aaron’s aunt and uncle who we were staying with.

1403. The loveliness of the redwoods.

1404. The most amazing reception food I’ve ever had.

1405. Cheesecake.

1406. Shopping at IKEA.

1407. Walking into Chipotle with Cedar on my back in the Ergo and holding Genoa (Aaron had gone in to order while I changed their diapers in the car).

1408. Finding a new (green!) long-sleeve shirt at Costco.

1409. Genoa staying asleep in the van while Aaron unloaded it and I put away groceries.

1410. The loveliness of being home.



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