Of gardens and family photos and faraway friends

1411. Catching up on laundry.

1412. Our new Turkish-looking duvet cover.

1413. The bittersweetness of pulling up the summer garden.

1414. Our candle lantern hanging by the back door.

1415. Catching up on some Internet reading.

1416. My new hanging spice rack/cooking area (I love IKEA!).

1417. Knowing there is grace even when it seems like I’m tired all. the. time.

1418. Having an extra pizza from the ones I made the night before so all I had to do for supper was throw a salad together.

1419. Finally being able to do a whole workout session without being interrupted and having to move on to something else.

1420. Sunset-coloured roses from my guys.

1421. Talking with a close friend that lives in Minnesota.

1422. That singing with Aaron at the local crisis pregnancy center fundraising banquet went so well despite several complications.

1423. Finding some good stuff at the MOPS rummage sale…

1424. …like a denim jumper for Genoa, just in time for our family pictures.

1425. Finding cute dresses to put away for a couple years.

1426. A really fun family portrait session in the park.

1427. Anticipating seeing the photos.

1428. Spending Sunday morning at home together.

1429. Pumpkin pie French toast.

1430. Going to the local plant nursery with the kids.

1431. Planting our fall garden.

1432. Being able to help plant since I wasn’t nine months pregnant this time.

1433. Wearing Genoa in her first back carry.

1434. Seafood pasta and artichokes for supper.

1435. Avocados for 77 cents each.

1436. Genoa putting herself back to sleep twice after fully waking up at night.

1437. A phone call from a friend on a long faraway trip.

1438. Brisk mornings.

1439. Chatting with a friend that I haven’t talked with in a long time.

1440. Chubby polka-dotted legs.



3 thoughts on “Of gardens and family photos and faraway friends

  1. Pulling up the summer garden is bittersweet for me too. Growing a garden is always such a journey and it seems we learn more every year… What all did you plant in your fall garden?

    Family photos are fun! I just did a quick one with our family and our visiting aunt and uncle

    Are you involved in your local CPC? I was involved in our local one for about 15 years.

    1. In our fall garden we have broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts, kale, spinach and two kinds of lettuce. We’ll see how they do since we usually end up having a pretty short “cool” season between the 100 degrees weather of summer and when it starts freezing. 🙂

      Other than doing the music for the banquet, no, we’re not really involved with the local CPC.

  2. I hope the banquet for the CPC went well! Mom and Dad went to it last year and that’s how Haley got hooked up as a volunteer there. She loves it!

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