On being a crunchy mama

Today I’m over at YLCF, talking about one of my passions…natural parenting!

My desire for homebirth stems from something I’ve been passionate about for a long time: doing things the natural way.  “Natural” can have many definitions, but for me it means doing things without unnecessary interventions and using things that are minimally processed and free of chemicals, etc.  In my late teen years, my tendency towards legalism caused me to take it to an unhealthy extreme, but since then, God has been breaking me of that bondage and teaching me balance in all things.  It’s still something I’m very passionate about, but I’m learning to not let that passion rule my life.

However, having babies brought this passion to a whole new level as I realized that the decisions my husband and I made were now affecting these little people on whose lives we had such an impact. It wasn’t just me any longer, and that caused me to look even closer at the decisions we were making in our lives, both consciously and without realizing it. Every day we make choices, even when we go along with the status quo, and I wanted those choices to be what was best for my children, even if it seemed a little weird.

Read the whole post here…


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