A crunchy minimalist’s guide to baby stuff – Part Four (an addendum to the addendum)

Hopefully this will be the last addition to this series…you can only have so many addendums!  In the last part of this guide, I mentioned stuff that we’ve discovered since Genoa was born and yet this particular item slipped my mind.  I’m not sure how it could have since I use it pretty regularly, but I guess I’ll just blame it on mommy brain…

Nosefrida Snotsucker (Baby Nasal Aspirator) – I can’t remember where I first heard about this, but after I got over the initial grossness mental block, it sounded like a great idea!  I have always hated using bulb syringes to clear my babies’ noses and my babies have hated it even more.  And I never could get the hang of it very well either, so they were quite ineffective, but they were the only option I knew of to clear out those little noses.  But the Snotsucker is 100 times more effective!  Basically it’s a tube, with a filter in it, that you place up against the baby’s nose and suck those little boogers out.  Yes, it initially sounds disgusting, but with the filter and the length of the tube, there is really no way that your mouth would touch the snot.  And I was just blown away by how it works so well, every single time I’ve used it.  Genoa seems to get stuffy noses more than Cedar did (not from being sick…just from boogers), so she gets “desnufflized” pretty regularly.  After I drip some expressed breastmilk in her nose to soften everything, a couple sucks on the Nosefrida and everything is clear.  I love it!  Definitely something I think every mother should have…

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