Gifts in the changing of the seasons

1501. New kids’ books.

1502. The Whale and the Snail becoming a fast favourite.

1503. Watching Cedar’s imagination and memory grow.

1504. Learning patience and waiting on the Lord’s timing.

1505. Aaron finishing a fencing job going so well.

1506. “New” winter shirts…all gifts or garage-sale finds.

1507. Mushrooms.

1508. Pumpkin pie casserole.

1509. Homemade meatballs.

1510. Waking up to a light dusting of snow outside.

1511. Fires in our woodstove.

1512. A pizza party at Aaron’s parents’ house.

1513. Going bowling with Aaron’s family.

1514. Watching Cedar ride the coin-operated train at the bowling alley.

1515. Going shopping as our little family.

1516. Being able to buy so much good food.

1517. A full pantry, fridge and freezers.

1518. Genoa’s little pink shoes.

1519. Watching “Cars 2” with my love.

1520. Making breakfast sausage (with ground beef).

1521. Our new glass storage containers (Glasslock Snapware).

1522. Wearing my shirtdress over a skirt.

1523. Genoa trying to get the board books out of their basket.

1524. Napping babies.

1525. Snowy trees on distant ridgelines.

1526. Little ruffled trouser pockets.

1527. Chubby baby bottoms.

1528. Eating Chocolate Hazelnut Butter by the spoonful.

1529. Figuring out which essential oil to try next.

1530. Cheddar avocado sandwiches.



4 thoughts on “Gifts in the changing of the seasons

  1. Mmm, mushrooms! And new books are always so much fun.
    We got some snow this past weekend too.
    Cheddar Avocado sandwiches sound so good to me right now.
    Oh is Cars 2 out on Dvd? We’ve been thinking about renting it; maybe for my brother’s birthday, we’ll do that.

  2. Ohhh Glasslock Snapware…I am seriously thinking that this is a great way to go. We have plastic snapware (Rubbermaid) and it works wonderful, but glass would be so much better.

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