Things I’ve learned…

I’m a couple days late in posting this, but Monday I had my first non-YLCF guest post published!  Over at Hope Road, I shared several things that I’ve learned being a mama to two littles under the age of two. The first thing was…

1. It’s probably not going to be as hard as you think it will be: When I was pregnant with Genoa, and mothering Cedar, the thought of multiplying this times two was rather intimidating. But after Genoa was born, I realized that it doesn’t actually multiply times two and being a mama to two wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Granted, this may not apply to everyone, especially if you have extra circumstances like a colicky baby, etc. But for me, and for several of my friends who also have two under two, it wasn’t nearly as hard as we thought it would be…and I think I know why. When you have your first baby, everything changes! You don’t get nearly as much sleep, you can’t do all the things you could before. So when you think of adding another child to everything, you think that the change will be as dramatic as the first since that’s all you have experience with. But when you transition from one child to two, you’re already in “kid mode”. Things have already changed from having your first so it’s just a matter of figuring out logistics of adding another little person to the mix.

Read the rest here.


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