Of broken routers and yummy pasta

Wouldn’t you know, as soon as things slow down and I have enough time to blog again, our router breaks and we don’t have regular internet anymore!  I had a couple different posts that I was planning on writing and posting this past week, but for now we can only get internet by going up to my in-law’s house or to a local coffee shop…neither of which happen often for me.  But oh well…hopefully the new router will come soon and in the meanwhile, I’ve had more reading time than I usually do.

But as a quick post, I thought I would share one of our favourite pasta recipes.  I made this the other night and Aaron mentioned that it should definitely be included in the recipes on my blog as it is very good and something I make pretty regularly.  I can’t remember where online I found the original recipe — it was awhile ago.  I like to keep a recipes folder going in my bookmarks where I put anything that looks remotely yummy (though Pinterest is messing up my system now!) and then transfer those to a Word document when it gets pretty full.  Then I format them all and try to fit as many as I can on as few pages as I can…which are then printed out and add to my big black binder recipe book.  So, the original recipe for this was from one of those, thus rendering it untraceable.  But I think that I’ve modified it enough from the original to make it my own.  At any rate, make it soon and enjoy!

Louisiana Chicken Pasta

Cook one pound of pasta (I usually use fusilli) and set aside. While pasta is cooking, melt a stick of butter in a large saucepan. To it, add several small yellow onions and one head of garlic, roughly chopped and saute for several minutes. Add some chopped mushrooms and some chopped bell peppers (we often use the jarred Fire-Roasted Red and Yellow Peppers from Trader Joe’s since they’re cheaper and you can’t really notice the taste difference) and saute until all vegetables are soft and starting to brown. Add a couple handfuls of flour to make a roux, and let cook for several minutes, stirring occasionally until flour starts to lightly brown. Pour in about two-ish cups of strong chicken broth  and stir well to avoid clumps. Let thicken and add enough whole milk to reach the consistency you want. Season with salt, dried basil, crushed red pepper flakes and some kind of smoked seasoning (I used to use smoked paprika, but then I found Trader Joe’s South African Smoke seasoning blend which is perfect for this!  If you use smoked salt to add smokiness, you probably would want to make a weaker chicken broth so it’s not too salty). Let simmer for several minutes to let the flavours meld. Finely grate about a cup of Asiago cheese and toss with some flour. Add by the handful, stirring well to prevent clumps. Once everything is well-incorporated and smooth, remove from heat. Add some sliced grilled chicken and pour over your pasta.


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