Friday already!  And no post between five minutes…  Oh well, the busy life outside my blog will stop for no mama.

Five Minute Friday: Awake


Awake.  It seems that I’ve been in that state more in the last couple years of my life than ever before.  I can’t remember the last time I slept solidly from the bedtime until morning.  A wakeful toddler (thankfully usually tended by his daddy though the noise still wakes me up), a baby that still nurses several times a night.  Aaron and I almost always go to bed later than we should, enjoying the quiet or getting caught up in our new game-for-two Lost Cities.  Then morning comes oh-so-quickly, and I’m awake again.

Yes, I’m awake a lot as a mama.  But I’ve found that my babies have helped me awaken more to the little gifts of every day and the beauty of the supposedly mundane.  A big brother making his baby sister laugh.  How exciting dirt is.  How going outside can make you kick your legs in glee.  The moon.  A bug.  A flower.  Sunshine.

For often when you wake, there’s light.




5 thoughts on “Awake

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m not a mom yet, but as a full-time nanny, I have recently found myself just stopping to enjoy the wonder my “charge” experiences in life. At 20 months old, she is very much awake, and I’m grateful she’s bringing me into it as well. Praying you have energy for all the wakefulness in your home!

  2. I can completely relate to, and cherish, this thought and these words… “But I’ve found that my babies have helped me awaken more to the little gifts of every day and the beauty of the supposedly mundane.” Loved this. Beautifully written. May the Lord bless you with a night (or more!) of deep, restful, catch-up sleep!

  3. Ahhh,yes…life with children! Ben and I were playing with Lilyana the other evening for about an hour and we looked at each other and laughed as we wondered what we did before she was born! What a joy she is…

    I just remembered that you are in northern California, too! We live in the Modesto area…south of MoTown, but pretty close to it. It would be so fun to meet you at some point!

    Oh, and the poem was soooo sweet!

    1. Glad you liked the poem…it’s funny, I didn’t think that I would have time to come up with one, but it just came to me one night when I walking the floor with my crying, teething baby. 🙂

      Well, not being a “native” Californian, I’m still learning all the different place distinctions, so I’m not sure if we’re exactly northern CA, but I could be wrong. 😛 We actually live near Yosemite…so about a couple hours from Modesto, I think. I’ve actually been to the Modesto Trader Joe’s… 🙂 And yes, it definitely would be fun to meet sometime…I always love getting to know other crunchy mamas and it’s fun that our little girls are so close in age (though I can’t remember when exactly in April Lilyana was born? Genoa was born the 29th).

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