Five Minute Friday: Vivid


Rain. It makes colours more vivid in a way that sunlight never can. The green of the grass is almost glowing, scattered with jewels of raindrops. The black of the asphalt in front the garage is shiny black, juxtaposed by the brilliant blue of Aaron’s work truck. The gray-whiteness of the sky makes the yellow tulips from my love on my kitchen windowsill all the brighter.

And it clears my mind too. After several hard weeks, my attitude this morning was less than stellar. So very tired, and my mind just felt foggy. But a simple walk to the mailbox, alone in the misty rain, made me feel like a new person. I need rain. I just do. The cool wetness, breathing in and on my face. I was made for this.

And I understand more the phrase “grace like rain”.



3 thoughts on “Vivid

  1. It does do that, doesn’t it? You captured that in such VIVID words here. I love it. Here I am grateful for the rain bringing a respite to the snow that has kept us sequestered inside all week, but I’m grateful for the reminder to look for the colors that rain brings out–not just outside, but in my life.

  2. I’m a huge rainy day fan. Sometimes I just need a good rainy day to feel like my heart and mind are back on track. I enjoyed the descriptiveness of your post. It made me feel like I was right there with you. Thanks for sharing!

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