We were away with limited internet for a good part of last week, so I missed the last Five Minute Friday.  And this one stumped me for awhile and then I realized how it related to something that my husband and I continue to learn more and more.

Five Minute Friday: Grit


I’ve worn contacts for over twelve years and I’m still amazed at how much damage a small piece of grit can do.  Some tiny piece of something comes out of nowhere, somehow gets under my contact and lodges there, trapped.   I usually can’t even see it, but I can definitely feel it.  Scratching away at my eye, causing so much discomfort.  And it will only get worse until I take the time to take out my contact and rinse it away.

And I’ve found it’s the same way in marriage.

I find it interesting that having good communication in a marriage has almost become cliche.  When people ask me for marriage advice and I mention how important good communication is, I almost  feel like I should come up with something more creative.  But this is one case where it’s cliche because it’s so true. Communication in a marriage is so very important.

At my bridal showers, we played a game where everyone there wrote some advice to me on pieces of paper and I read them off and everyone had to guess who wrote it.  And one dear friend, who had only been married for just over a year, gave some of the best advice.  To make sure to be open and communicate with your husband about everything.  Making sure that nothing gets swept under the rug and festers there.

Because the tiniest piece of grit, left unattended, can cause so much damage.




3 thoughts on “Grit

  1. Loved this! So very true and I love the analogy that lack of communication in a marriage is like grit under your lenses. Thanks for sharing. I’m over from Gypsymama….

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